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/-zigw-/ medial

ice-like, slab; something formed in slabs or cakes; ice
agozigwaji vai s/he or it (animate) freezes to the ice, is frozen to the ice
babigozigwaa vii there is rough ice, is bumpy ice
bagonezigwaa vii there is a (natural) hole in the ice
bagozigwa'an vti make a hole in the ice at it
baasizigoshkaa vii the ice cracks
bibagizigwaa vii there is thin ice; it (something slab-like) is thin
dakozigwaa vii it (slab-like) is short
daashkizigoshkaa vii the ice cracks
gaashizigozi vai it (animate) has a sharp prickly crust of ice
gaashizigwaa vii there is sharp ice
gaashizigwaate vii there is sharp ice from the sun shining on it
gibozigwadin vii it is frozen shut
ginozigwaa vii it (slab-like) is long
giishkizigwaa vii it is an ice bank
madwezigoshkaa vii ice moves making noise
madwezigwadin vii the sound of ice cracking is heard
magozigoshin vai s/he or it (animate) is coated with ice; it (animate; a sled or sled runner) is iced up
makadewizigwaa vii there is dark ice
mashkawizigwaa vii it (ice- or cake-like) is hard, is firm
michizigwaa vii there is bare ice
miskozigozi vai s/he (ice, something in a cake or bar) is red
miskozigwaa vii it (something in a cake or bar) is red
miziwezigwaa vii it (something in a cake or bar) is whole, is in one piece
ningizigode vii there is ice melting in the sun
ningozigosin vii it is covered with ice
ningozigoshin vai s/he or it (animate) is covered in ice
ningozigwa' vta cover h/ with ice
ningozigwa'an vti cover it with ice
nookizigwaa vii there is soft ice
oshezigoshkaa vii it is an ice pressure ridge
ozhaashizigobizo vai s/he or it (animate) slips speeding on the ice
ozhaashizigwaa vii there is slippery ice
ozaawizigwaa vii it (slab-like) is yellow, is brown
waabishkizigozi vai s/he (ice) is white
waabishkizigwaa vii it (cake-like, ice) is white, there is white ice
waasikozigode vii the ice shines in the moonlight
zaagizigwadin vii it sticks out of the ice
zaagizigwaji vai it (animate) sticks out of the ice
zhooshkozigwaa vii there is smooth ice