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/-zid-/ medial

body part
abwezide vai s/he has a sweaty foot
agaasadezide vai s/he has narrow feet
agaasizide vai s/he has small feet
amikozid ni a beaver foot, a beaver hindpaw
ayekozide vai s/he has tired feet
azhashkiiwizide vai s/he has muddy feet
babaagizide vai s/he has swollen feet
babiiwizide vai s/he has tiny feet
baagizide vai s/he has h/ foot or feet swell up, has a swollen foot or swollen feet
baapaazagozide vai s/he has scratches on h/ feet
biinisizide vai s/he has numb foot or numb feet
biinizide vai s/he has a clean foot or clean feet
bookozide vai s/he breaks h/ foot, has broken foot
dadaakwaakozide vai s/he has short feet or (hind)paws
dakizide vai h/ foot is chilled or cold, h/ feet are chilled or cold
dakwaakozide vai s/he has a short foot or (hind)paw, has short feet or (hind)paws
dasozid qnt num [MN] a certain number of feet; so many feet
dewizide vai s/he has an ache in h/ foot
gagaanwaakozide vai s/he has long feet or (hind) paws
gagiipizide vai s/he has chapped feet
gaagiijizide vai s/he has a sore foot
ginagizide vai h/ foot itches
ginwaakozide vai s/he has a long foot or (hind) paw, has long feet or (hind) paws
gizhibizide vai s/he is missing a foot
gizhiibizide vai h/ foot itches
giziibiigizide vai s/he washes h/ (own) feet
giikimanizide vai h/ foot is asleep, feet are asleep; h/ foot feels numb, feet feel numb
giipizide vai s/he has a chapped foot or chapped feet
giishkizide vai s/he has h/ foot cut off
giizhoozide vai s/he has warm feet
godigozide vai s/he sprains h/ foot
inigokozide vai h/ feet are such a size, are so big
izhizide vai s/he has such a foot or such feet
mamakadewizide vai s/he has black feet or paws
mamaangadeyiigizide vai s/he has wide and flat or webbed feet
mamaangadezide vai s/he has wide feet
mamaangizide vai s/he has big feet
mangadeyiigizide vai s/he has a wide and flat or webbed foot, has wide and flat or webbed feet
mangadezide vai s/he has a wide foot or wide feet
mangizide vai s/he has a big foot or big feet
maazhimaagozide vai s/he has smelly feet, has stinky feet
maazhizide vai s/he has a deformed foot or deformed feet
midaasozid qnt num ten feet
miniiwizide vai s/he has an infected foot
miskwiiwizide vai s/he has a bloody foot
miishizide vai s/he has hairy feet
nabagizide vai s/he has flat feet
nabanezide vai s/he has only one foot
nanaapaajizide vai h/ feet turn out
nanibiiwizide vai s/he has wet feet
naawizid adv loc in the middle of someone's foot
nibiiwizide vai h/ feet are wet
niboowizide vai s/he has a paralyzed foot
ningodozid qnt num one foot
nisozid qnt num three feet
niiwozid qnt num four feet
niizhozid qnt num two feet
ojibinigozide vai s/he gets cramps in h/ foot
ojiishizide vai s/he has a scar on h/ foot
omigizide vai s/he has a sore or sores, a scab or scabs on h/ feet
omigiiwizide vai s/he has a scab or scabs on h/ foot or feet
ozaawaakozide vai s/he has brown or yellow feet or (hind)paws
ozaawizide vai s/he has brown or yellow feet or (hind)paws
oziigizide vai s/he has wrinkled feet
wawaagizide vai s/he is pigeon-toed
wiinizide vai s/he has a dirty foot or dirty feet
zhazhaashagizide vai s/he has splayed-out feet
zhaashaaginizide vai s/he is barefoot