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/zhooshkw-/ initial

smooth, slippery
zhooshkobide vii it slides, slips, skids
zhooshkobizo vai s/he or it (animate) slides, slips
zhooshkoboodoon vti2 smooth it (by abrasion)
zhooshkoboozh vta smooth h/ (by abrasion)
zhooshkodaabaan na a toboggan: a long sled without runners
zhooshkon vta slide h/ (or it (animate) (with hand)
zhooshkonan vti slide it (with hand)
zhooshkosaga'an vti smooth it (wood) using something
zhooshkosaga'wi vta smooth it (animate; wood) using something
zhooshkozi vai it (animate) is smooth
zhooshkozidebagizo vai s/he does a ballroom dance step (two step, waltz)
zhooshkozideni vai s/he slides h/ foot or feet
zhooshkozigwaa vii there is smooth ice
zhooshkoode vai s/he or it (animate) crawls sliding along, slithers
zhooshkwabi vai s/he slides over sitting
zhooshkwadaawanga'an vti smooth it (sand) (using something)
zhooshkwadin vii it freezes smooth, is frozen smooth
zhooshkwa' vta smooth h/ (using something)
zhooshkwa'an vti smooth it (using something); iron it
zhooshkwa'wi vta smooth it (using something); iron it
zhooshkwajiwe vai s/he goes sliding, slides downhill
zhooshkwakamigaa vii it is smooth ground
zhooshkwanagekozi vai it (animate) has smooth bark
zhooshkwanagekwad vii it has smooth bark
zhooshkwaa vii it is smooth, slick
zhooshkwaabikad vii it is smooth (as something mineral), is rustless
zhooshkwaabikizi vai it (animate; mineral) is smooth, is rustless
zhooshkwaabiigad vii it is straight and smooth (string-like)
zhooshkwaabiigizi vai it (animate; string-like) is straight and smooth
zhooshkwaaboono vai s/he slips, slides (on some medium: water, snow, etc.)
zhooshkwaaboozo vai s/he slips or slides on something moving (water, snow, leaves, etc.)
zhooshkwaada'e vai s/he skates
zhooshkwaagim na a ski
zhooshkwaagime vai s/he skis
zhooshkwaagonagaa vii there is smooth snow
zhooshkwaakozi vai it (animate; stick-like) is smooth
zhooshkwaakwad vii it is smooth (as something stick- or wood-like)
zhooshkwegad vii it (sheet-like) is smooth
zhooshkwega' vta iron h/
zhooshkwega'an vti iron it
zhooshkwegizi vai it (animate; sheet-like) is smooth