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/zhiiw-/ initial

distinctive taste: sweet; sour; salty
The root /zhiiwi-/ means sweet at Red Lake and further north, but sour to the south. It also occurs in zhiiwitaagan salt.
zhiiwan vii it is sour; [BL] it is sweet
zhiiwaa vii [RL] it is sour
zhiiwaabo ni [BL] pop; a soft drink
zhiiwaaboo ni vinegar
zhiiwaagama'an vti [BL] sweeten it (a drink)
zhiiwaagamide vii it thickens into syrup
zhiiwaagamin vii it (a liquid) is sour; [BL] it (a liquid) is sweet
zhiiwaagaminan vti [BL] sweeten it (liquid)
zhiiwaagamisin vii it (liquid) turns sour
zhiiwaagamizan vti cook it to a syrup
zhiiwaakigane vai s/he has heartburn
zhiiwi- pv lex sour; [BL] sweet
zhiiwibag ni rhubarb, a rhubarb leaf
zhiiwi' vta make h/ sour; sour h/
zhiiwimaagozi vai
  1. s/he or it (animate) smells sour
  2. s/he or it (animate) smells sweet
zhiiwimaagwad vii
  1. it smells sour
  2. it smells sweet
zhiiwinan vti [RL] sweeten it
zhiiwipidan vti find it tastes sour
zhiiwipogozi vai it (animate) tastes sour; [BL] it (animate) tastes sweet
zhiiwipogwad vii it tastes sour; [BL] it tastes sweet
zhiiwisin vii it turns sour
zhiiwitoon vti2 make it sour
zhiiwizi vai it (animate) is sour; [BL] it (animate) is sweet