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/zhaabw-/ initial

going through
zhaabobatoo vai s/he runs through
zhaabobide vii it falls, drives through
zhaabobizo vai s/he or it (animate) falls, drives through
zhaabobii vii it is saturated
zhaabobiiginan vti strain it
zhaaboganaam vta punch through h/
zhaaboganaandan vti punch through it
zhaabojiwan vii it flows, drips, leaks through
zhaabon vta put h/ through
zhaabonan vti put it through
zhaabonaagozi vai it (animate) can be seen through
zhaabonaagwad vii it can be seen through
zhaabonikese vai
  1. s/he has h/ arm go through
  2. an engine throws a rod
zhaabose vii it goes through, passes through
zhaaboskwagad vii blood seeps through it
zhaaboskwagizi vai blood seeps through h/
zhaabowe vai s/he sings an accompaniment (of women)
zhaabowebin vta throw h/ through; shove h/ through (by hand)
zhaabowebinan vti throw it through; shove it through (by hand)
zhaabowebishkan vti kick it through; shove it through (with foot or body)
zhaabowebishkaw vta kick h/ through; shove h/ through (with foot or body)
zhaaboode vai s/he crawls through (a barrier)
zhaaboomin na a gooseberry
zhaabwakwazhiwe vai s/he paddles through; s/he swims through (as a fish)
zhaabwaabam vta see through h/
zhaabwaabandan vti see through it
zhaabwaabaawe vai s/he is soaked through
zhaabwaabaawe vii it is soaked through
zhaabwaabi vai s/he sees through something, looks through something
zhaabwaakide vii it is burned through
zhaabwaakiz vta
  1. cut through h/ (by burning)
  2. x-ray h/
zhaabwaakizan vti
  1. cut through it (by burning)
  2. x-ray it
zhaabwaakizo vai
  1. s/he gets x-rayed
  2. it (animate) is burned through
zhaabwaakwadin vii it freezes or is frozen all the way through
zhaabwaakwaji vai it (animate) freezes or is frozen all the way through
zhaabwaanakwad vii clouds can be seen through, "you can see through the clouds"
zhaabwaandawe vai s/he climbs through
zhaabwaanimad vii wind blows through something
zhaabwaasige vai it (animate; the sun or moon) shines light through
zhaabwaatezi vai s/he or it (animate) is transparent
zhaabwii vai s/he goes through, passes through, achieves something, survives