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/zanag-/ initial

zanagad vii it is difficult, hard (to do or manage)
zanagamon vii it is a hard road (to travel), is a difficult road
zanaganaamo vai s/he breathes with difficulty, has respiratory problems
zanagaanimad vii it is a wild, unsteady wind
zanagendam vai2 s/he thinks things difficult, thinks things hard
zanagendan vti think it difficult, think it hard
zanagendaagwad vii it is considered difficult, is considered challenging
zanagenim vta think h/ difficult, think h/ hard
zanagibide vii it runs or operates with difficulty
zanagibizo vai it (animate) has a difficult ride, runs or operates with difficulty
zanagi' vta make it difficult, hard for h/
zanaginaagozi vai it (animate) looks hard (to make)
zanaginaagwad vii it looks hard (to make), looks difficult
zanagizi vai s/he or it (animate) is difficult, hard to manage