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/-wid/ final

convey, carry it
agwaawidoon vti2 carry, take it ashore
akwaandawewidoon vti2 climb up carrying it, take; or carry it upstairs
animiwidoon vti2 carry, take it away
azhewidoon vti2 carry, take it back
aanjiwidoon vti2 carry, take it to a different place
aazhogewidoon vti2 carry, take it across
babaamiwidoon vti2 take, carry it about
bagamiwidoon vti2 arrive carrying it
bimiwidoon vti2 carry, take it along
biijiwidoon vti2 take, carry it here
gakiiwewidoon vti2 carry it across a portage
gashkiwidoon vti2 be able to take, carry it
giimoojiwidoon vti2 secretly take, carry it
giiwewidoon vti2 take, carry it home; take, carry it back
gopiwidoon vti2 take, carry it inland
izhiwidoon vti2 take, carry it to a certain place
jiigewewidoon vti2 take, carry it along the shore or edge
madaabiiwidoon vti2 take, carry it down to the shore
mashkawiwidoon vti2 powerfully carry it
maajiiwidoon vti2 carry, take it away
naazibiiwidoon vti2 carry, take it down to the water
niisaakiiwewidoon vti2 take, carry it downhill
niisaandawewidoon vti2 climb down with it
ogidaakiiwewidoon vti2 carry, take it uphill
ombiwidoon vti2 lift and carry it
ondamiwidoon vti2 keep it too long, monopolize the use of it
onjiwidoon vti2 take, carry it from a certain place