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/-wewid/ final

s/he is heard making sounds in the distance
-ewid appears after w; -wewid appears elsewhere
animwewidam vai2 s/he goes away making (vocal) sounds
aabidwewidam vai2 s/he sounds, calls, vocalizes continually
bagamwewidam vai2 s/he arrives sounding, arrives vocalizing
baatayiinwewidamoog vai2 many of them are heard calling or vocalizing
beshwewidam vai2 s/he is heard making sound nearby
bimwewidam vai2 s/he goes by sounding (esp. of Thunderers)
biidwewidam vai2 s/he comes calling, comes sounding; s/he comes speaking
biigizawewidam vai2 s/he sounds unclear or fuzzy in the distance
boonwewidam vai2 s/he quits sounding, quits calling
danwewidam vai2 s/he is heard calling, sounding in or from a certain place
debwewidam vai2 s/he is heard speaking or making vocal sounds at a distance
gizhiiwewidam vai2 s/he sounds loud, sounds loud and clear
giizhwewidam vai2 s/he finishes sounding
inwewidam vai s/he is heard speaking going to a certain place
ojaanimwewidam vai2 s/he makes a racket (with h/ voice or call)
ondwewidam vai2 s/he sounds, speaks from a certain place
oshaawewidam vai2 s/he scares game by hollaring and yelling
zaagidwewidam vai2 s/he goes out calling or vocalizing in some way