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/-webishk/ final

act on it forcefully by foot or body: fling, kick, stamp on, shove, wear roughly
anibewebishkan vti lean it over, tilt it (shoving with foot or body)
animikowebishkan vti kick it so it goes upside down, facedown
azhewebishkan vti shove or kick it backwards
aazhigidwebishkan vti kick it over face up
babaamiwebishkan vti kick it about, shoves it about
bagonewebishkan vti stamp hole through it
bakewebishkan vti kick it off to the side, off the main path
bakobiiwebishkan vti kick, shove it into the water (with foot or body)
bakwewebishkan vti knock off a piece off it [with fast motion of body or foot]
baakaakowebishkan vti kick it open
baazhijiwebishkan vti shove, kick it over
biniwebishkan vti knock it down from its position above (with force by body or foot)
bishagiwebishkan vti peel it (by foot or body action)
bizowebishkan vti stumble, trip on it
biindigewebishkan vti shove it inside (with foot or body); kick it inside
biinjiwebishkan vti kick it in, shove it in (with foot or body)
biinjwebishkan vti kick it in, shove it in (with foot or body); shove it in (with foot or body)
daadowebishkan vti split it open (forcefully by foot or body)
ditibiwebishkan vti roll it with foot
diitibiwebishkan vti bump and knock it down off something
gabaawebishkan vti kick, shove it off a vehicle or boat (with foot or body)
gawaakowebishkan vti knock it (something stick-like) over (with foot or body)
gawiwebishkan vti knock it over, down (with foot or body); kick it over, down
gaajiwebishkan vti shove or kick it (with foot or body) to hide it quickly
gaanjwebishkan vti shove it (with foot or body)
gibichiwebishkan vti stop it (with fast motion of body or foot), brake it
gizhibaayaakowebishkan vti roll it (as a log)
giizhiwebishkan vti finish dancing the rice
ikowebishkan vti kick, shove it aside or out of the way (with the foot or body)
ishpiwebishkan vti kick it high
izhiwebishkan vti shove it a certain way (with foot or body); kick it a certain way
jaachaangiwebishkan vti go up-and-up on it (forcefully using the body), rock on it
mamaajiwebishkan vti shake it up, make it shake (forcefully using the body or foot)
nagaawebishkan vti stop it (forcefully with foot or body), brake it
naajiwebishkan vti get it working with the feet, rake it over with the feet
ningwaagonewebishkan vti bury it in the snow (forcefully with foot or body)
niisiwebishkan vti [BF] kick it down, force it down with the feet
noogiwebishkan vti stop it quickly (with foot or body); kick it to stop it
onjiwebishkan vti shove it from a certain place (with foot or body); kick it from a certain place
opimewebishkan vti kick it over on its side
wiikowebishkan vti draw it out (using the feet or body)
zhaabowebishkan vti kick it through; shove it through (with foot or body)
zaagijiwebishkan vti kick it out
zhiibaawebishkan vti kick, shove it under something