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/-weba'/ final

act on it using something forcefully: fling, knock, paddle, pry, shove, throw using something
agwaaweba'an vti get it off the water using something forcefully, scoop it out of the water onto the land
azheweba'an vti fling it back (using something)
aaboojiweba'an vti turn it inside out using something
babaamiweba'an vti shove, knock it around (using something)
bakwajiweba'an vti knock or pry it off (using something)
bawiweba'an vti knock it (with something forcefully)
baakaakoweba'an vti pry it open (forcefully using something)
baakiweba'an vti use something to pry it up or open
baazhijiweba'an vti knock, hit it over something
biniweba'an vti knock it down from above (using something)
biindooneweba'an vti knock it into the boat (using something), thresh it (wild rice) into the boat
biinjiweba'an vti [BL] shove or knock it in (using something); [hockey] shoot it (the puck) in the goal and score
biinjweba'an vti [MN] shove or knock it in (using something)
ditibiweba'an vti roll it using something forcefully
diitibiweba'an vti knock it down off something (using something forcefully)
gaanjweba'an vti [S] shove it (using something)
gwekiweba'an vti flip it (using something forcefully); turn it around (using something forcefully)
ikoweba'an vti shove it aside or out of the way (using something)
ishpiweba'an vti knock it high (using something)
izhiweba'an vti shove, knock it a certain way (using something)
jekadaawangiweba'an vti paddle it up on the beach, beach it
jiishiweba'an vti sweep it (forcefully), brush it off (forcefully using something)
mikoweba'an vti find it by using something forcefully (for example, by raking)
mookiweba'an vti dig it up, expose it (using something forcefully)
naajiweba' vta get it (animate) by knocking it with something
naajiweba'an vti get it by knocking it with something
niisiweba'an vti lower it (using something forcefully); set it (trigger on a trap) off, snap it (trigger on a trap)
noogiweba'an vti stop it using something
ombiweba'an vti lift it (using something forcefully), hoist it
wanaweweba'an vti [BL] whisk it
zaagijiweba'an vti shove or throw it outside using something
zhingadeweba'an vti spread it out [forcefully using something]
zhiibaaweba'an vti knock it under something