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/-we/ final

s/he acts (on an unspecified animate object)
agaji'iwe vai s/he embarrasses (people)
animidaabii'iwe vai s/he drives away (in the other direction)
awi'iwe vai s/he lends, rents (it) to people; s/he lets people borrow (it)
aada'owe vai s/he finishes first before someone
aawazhiwe vai s/he hauls people
babaamidaabii'iwe vai s/he drives about
bagoshi'iwe vai
  1. s/he begs or wishes to be fed or given something by people
  2. s/he bums off people
bakekazhiwe vai s/he bypasses people
bami'iwe vai s/he takes care of people, is a care-giver
baapaagokozhiwe vai s/he gives haircuts
baaskikwe'owe vai s/he bleeds people medicinally
bimaaji'iwe vai s/he saves (people)
bimidaabii'iwe vai s/he drives along
bimiwizhiwe vai s/he takes people along; s/he drives people along (as in a bus or taxi)
biijidaabii'iwe vai s/he drives here
booni'iwe vai s/he leaves people alone
dakoniwe vai s/he arrests (people)
debwe vai s/he tells the truth, speaks the truth
gagaanjinawe'iwe vai s/he irritates, provokes, teases people
gagwejikada'owe vai s/he races people (in boats)
gagwejikazhiwe vai s/he races people
ginjiba'iwe vai s/he flees from people, runs away from people
giishkikozhiwe vai s/he cuts hair
giiweba'iwe vai s/he runs home in flight
gopiba'iwe vai s/he runs inland from someone
goshko'iwe vai s/he startles, surprises others
gwayakowe vai s/he speaks correctly, speaks the truth
izhidaabii'iwe vai s/he drives to a certain place or in a certain way
jiishi'iwe vai s/he tricks, fools, entices people
mamaazhi'iwe vai s/he overpowers, prevails over, conquers people
mawadishiwe vai s/he visits people
mawinazhiwe vai s/he runs at, rushes at people
mazhiwe vai s/he has sexual intercourse
maajaa'iwe vai s/he conducts funerals for people
maajiizhiwe vai s/he takes people away, takes people along
maanikozhiwe vai s/he gives people bad haircuts
maawanji'iwe vai s/he gets people together
migoshkaaji'iwe vai s/he annoys, bothers, pesters people
mina'iwe vai s/he gives drinks out to someone
minokozhiwe vai s/he gives people good haircuts
miikinji'iwe vai s/he provokes, teases, harasses, bullies people
nagaji'iwe vai s/he is used to, familiar with people
nagazhiwe vai s/he leaves people behind, abandons people
nanaginiwe vai s/he breaks up a fight
nanaandawi'iwe vai s/he heals, doctors people
nawadiniwe vai s/he grabs, seizes people; s/he takes captives
nishiwe vai s/he kills, commits murder
nishki'iwe vai s/he angers people, makes people angry or mad
niimi'iwe vai s/he gives a dance
niindaa'iwe vai s/he sends (it) to people
niiwezhiwe vai s/he defeats people (in a contest or game), beats people (in a contest or game)
nooji'iwe vai s/he seeks, goes after, hunts people
noojimo'iwe vai s/he heals people; s/he cures people
odaabii'iwe vai s/he drives
odaapiniwe vai s/he takes, pick ups (people)
odishiwe vai s/he comes up to, visits people; gets to where people are
odita'owe vai s/he paddles up to where people are
ojaanimi'iwe vai s/he gives people a hard time, gets after people, creates anxiety; s/he rushes people, makes people hurry
onabi'iwe vai s/he seats people
onjidaabii'iwe vai s/he drives from a certain place
opaa'iwe vai s/he keeps people awake
waabanda'iwe vai s/he shows, demonstrates, exhibits (it) to people
waangawi'iwe vai s/he tames people or animals
webiniwe vai s/he divorces someone, separates from someone (a spouse or partner)
zagaswe'iwe vai s/he gives a ceremony, convenes a council
zagininjiiniwe vai s/he shakes hands with people
zanagi'iwe vai s/he makes (people) do something difficult, gives people a hard time, makes trouble for people
zaagi'iwe vai s/he loves someone, loves people
zhaagooji'iwe vai s/he defeats, overcomes people
zegi'iwe vai s/he scares people
zinigobizhiwe vai s/he rubs (people) with something, massages (people)
zinigojiibizhiwe vai s/he massages people
ziininiwe vai s/he milks cows