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/-wane/ final

s/he carries a pack, a load
contains the medial /-wan/ 'pack'
agaasiwane vai s/he carries a small pack, packs a small load
animiwane vai s/he carries a pack away
aawajiwane vai s/he packs a load, hauls something by pack
babaamiwane vai s/he carries a pack about
bagamiwane vai s/he arrives with pack
bagijiwane vai s/he sets down h/ pack
bimiwane vai s/he carries a pack along
bimiwanen vai + o carry it (a pack) along; carry it along as a packload
biijiwane vai s/he brings a pack
biindigewane vai s/he carries a pack in
bwaawane vai s/he is hardly able to carry a pack
gakiiwewane vai s/he goes over portage with backpack
gashkiwane vai s/he is able to carry a pack
giiwewane vai s/he carries a pack home
gopiwane vai s/he carries pack inland
gozigowane vai s/he carries a heavy pack
mangiwane vai s/he carries a big pack
maajiiwane vai s/he starts off carrying a pack
maajiiwanen vai + o start off carrying it (a pack)
naajiwane vai s/he goes after a pack load
naangiwane vai s/he carries a light pack
naazibiiwanen vai + o s/he carries a pack down to the water
ombiwane vai s/he lifts a pack to h/ (own) back
ombiwanen vai lift it (a pack) to h/ back
onjiwane vai s/he carries a pack from a certain place
onzaamiwane vai s/he carries too much in h/ pack
zaagijiwane vai s/he carries a pack out
ziigiwane vai s/he has h/ pack spill out as s/he carries it