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/wan-/ initial

wrong, lost
wanagim vta miscount h/
wanagindan vti miscount, misread it
wanagindaaso vai s/he miscounts, misreads
wanagoodoon vti2 hang it in the wrong direction or place
wanagoozh vta hang h/ in the wrong direction or place
wana'adoo vai s/he takes the wrong path or trail, loses the trail
wana'adoon vti2 take it as the wrong path
wana'am vai2 s/he makes a mistake singing, sings the wrong song
wana'amaazo vai s/he sings a song the wrong way to h/self
wana'amii vai s/he missteps, is out of step
wana'azh vta lose h/ trail
wanakwazhiwe vai s/he gets lost paddling
wanaabam vta lose sight of h/
wanaabandan vti lose sight of it
wanaabikin vta set h/ (machine, clock) wrong, put h/ in the wrong gear
wanaabikinan vti set it (machine) wrong, put it in the wrong gear
wanaadagaa vai s/he swims in the wrong direction
wanaajimo vai s/he makes a mistake telling a story
wanaakosidoon vti2 set it (something stick-like) wrong
wanaanimizi vai s/he is confused, is in shock, is scared witless
wanendam vai2 s/he forgets
wanendan vti forget, ignore it
wanenim vta forget, ignore h/
wani- pv lex making a mistake, mistakenly, in error
wanibagizo vai s/he missteps in dancing
wanibatoo vai s/he runs the wrong way
wanibizo vai s/he gets lost driving
wanibii'an vti make a mistake writing it
wanigiizhwe vai s/he makes a mistake speaking, mispronounces something
wanigwaadan vti make a mistake sewing it
wanigwaaso vai s/he makes a mistake sewing
wanigwaazh vta make a mistake sewing h/
wani' vta lose, miss h/
wanim vta mislead, confuse h/ (by speech)
wanimo vai s/he makes a mistake in speaking, mispronounces something
wanin vta take, touch h/ (the wrong one)
waninan vti hold, take, touch it the wrong way or the wrong one
wanisidoon vti2 misplace it
wanisin vii it is lost, gets lost
wanishim vta
wanishin vai s/he is lost, gets lost
wanitam vai2 s/he misunderstands something heard
wanitaw vta misunderstand (what) h/ (says)
wanitoon vti2 lose, miss it
wanizhan vti cut it wrong; miscut it; make a mistake cutting it
wanizekwe vai s/he makes a mistake cooking
wanizhwi vta [NI] cut it (animate) wrong; miscut it (animate); make a mistake cutting it (animate)