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/-wan/ final

it is, becomes
akiiwan vii it is the earth, is land
asiniiwan vii
  1. it is of rock or stone
  2. it is rock-hard
ashkaatigowan vii it is green wood
azhashkiiwan vii it is muddy
aanakwadowan vii it is a cloud
baawitigowan vii it is a set of rapids; there are rapids
bigiiwan vii it has pitch, resin, or gum on it
bingwiiwan vii it has sand or ashes on it
biigijiisagowan vii it is rotten wood, is punk
biitewan vii it is foamy
biiwaabikowan vii it is metal, of metal
doodooshaabowan vii [BL] it is milky
gooniwan vii it is snowy, has snow on it
ishkodewan vii it is on fire
manidoonsiwan vii it has bugs, is buggy
mashkikiiwan vii it is a medicine, is medicinal
mikwamiiwan vii it is icy
miniiwan vii it has pus, is inflected
miskwiiwan vii it is bloody
mishiiwaatigowan vii it is dry wood
mitaawangowan vii it is (of) sand, is sandy, has sand on it
mitigowan vii it is wood, is wooden
miikanaawan vii it is a road, is a trail
moosewan vii it is wormy
moowiwan vii it has shit on it
naboobiiwan vii it is soupy
neyaashiiwan vii there is a point (of land), a cape
nibiiwan vii it is wet, is watery; it is juicy
ojiibikaawan vii it has roots
oshkayi'iiwan vii it is new, is young
ookwewan vii it is maggoty
wadikwaniwan vii it has branches
waabashkikiiwan vii it is swampy