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/waab-/ initial

bright, white, grey, pale
waabadowe vai s/he has grey fur
waabak na a white bear; a polar bear
waabamik na an albino beaver
waaban vii
  1. it is dawn
  2. it is tomorrow
waabanagekozi vai it (animate) has light colored bark
waabanagekwad vii it has light colored bark
waabanashkidii vai s/he (a bird) has a white tail
waabasim na a grey or light-colored dog or horse
waabaabigan na white clay
waabaanakwad vii it is grey sky, grey clouds
waabaaso vai it (animate) fades, is faded (from light)
waabaate vii it fades, is faded (from light)
waabi- pv lex grey, (off)white
waabide vii it turns light (in color)
waabikwe vai s/he has grey hair
waabizo vai it (animate) turns light (in color)
waabiiganaandam vai2 s/he is pale from being hungry
waabiingwe vai s/he is pale-faced