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/-tigwe-/ medial

agaasadetigweyaa vii it (a river) is narrow
baketigweyaa vii it (a river) goes off to the side, is a tributary
bimitigweyaa vii it (a river) flows along, flows by
biskitigweyaa vii the river has a sharp bend in it
dakootigweyaa vii it is a short river
ginootigweyaa vii it is a long river
gizhiitigweyaa vii it is a fast river
gwayakotigweyaa vii it is a straight river
inigokwadetigweyaa vii it is so wide a river
izhitigweyaa vii it (river) flows a certain way, flows to a certain place
mangadetigweyaa vii it is wide river
mangitigweyaa vii it (a river) is wide
manoominitigweyaa vii it (a river) has wild rice growing in it
mashkosiiwitigweyaa vii it is a grassy river
niingidawitigweyaa vii it (a river) forks
niingidootigweyaa vii the river forks, has a fork in it
onjitigweyaa vii it (river) flows from a certain place
washkitigweyaa vii it (a river) flows around a bend
wawaashkitigweyaa vii it is a winding river
waaninitigweyaa vii the river has a bend in it