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/-taw/ final

act in relation to h/
abiitaw vta sit up with, tend to h/ (e.g., the deceased at a wake, a sick person)
agajiitaw vta be shy in front of, be ashamed before h/
anama'etaw vta pray for h/
animikogaabawitaw vta stand facing away from h/
animikwabiitaw vta sit with back to h/
animikwiitaw vta turn your back to h/
anishinaabemotaw vta [ML] speak an Indian language to h/; speak Ojibwe to h/
anokiitaw vta work for h/
aapidabiitaw vta just sit with h/, sit with h/ and not leave
aawetaw vta identify h/ (by sound)
biidaajimotaw vta bring the news to h/
bwaanimotaw vta speak Dakota to h/
dawabiitaw vta make room for h/ to sit
dibaajimotaw vta tell (it) to h/
gaachimotaw vta be fussy and weepy over h/
gaaskanazootaw vta whisper to h/
gaazootaw vta hide from h/
geteyaajimotaw vta tell stories about the old times to h/
giimoodaajimotaw vta tell something secretly to h/
giiwanaajimotaw vta tell lies to h/; lie to, deceive h/
giiwanimotaw vta lie to h/
gwekabiitaw vta turn toward h/ while seated
ikogaabawitaw vta stand aside, of the way for h/
ikwabiitaw vai s/he moves out of h/ way (while seated)
inanokiitaw vta do a certain job for h/
inaajimotaw vta tell h/ of (it) a certain way
inaasamigaabawitaw vta stand facing towards h/ a certain way
inikwetaw vta nod h/ head to h/ a certain way
izhidoonetaw vta point (it) out to h/ with lips
izhizidetaw vta reach out your foot to h/
jiibaabitaw vta wink at h/
jiibiingwetaw vta [BL] wink at h/
mashkawanokiitaw vta work hard for h/
maadaajimotaw vta start telling (it) to h/
mookiitaw vta attack h/ from hiding
nagamotaw vta sing to h/
nawagikwetaw vta bow head to h/
nishkaajiingwetaw vta make an angry face at h/
niibawitaw vta stand beside h/
niibaabiitaw vta sit up with h/ at night; have wake for h/
niiskaabidetaw vta bare teeth to h/
niiskiingwetaw vta grimace at, make a face at h/
ojibwemotaw vta speak Ojibwe to h/
onabiitaw vta take a seat by h/
onzaamaajimotaw vta tell h/ too much, tell h/ more than desired
ozhigaabawitaw vta stand before h/
wanaajimotaw vta make a mistake in telling a story to h/
wewebikwetaw vta nod, shake head at h/
wewebiniketaw vta wave h/ arms at h/
wiijishimotaw vta dance with h/
zhaaganaashiimotaw vta speak English to h/
zaagidenaniwetaw vta stick out h/ tongue at h/
zhiibinibiketaw vta shake h/ hand, extend your hand (in greeting) to h/
ziiwiskaabitaw vta [BL] wink at h/
zhoomiingwetaw vta smile at h/