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/-taa/ final

s/he does something, works, acts
agwaabiitaa vai s/he or it (animate) comes ashore, moves ashore
agwaataa vai s/he goes ashore, comes ashore
animikotaa vai s/he turns away, turns face down
apiichitaa vai s/he engages in an activity to a certain extent, is so far along in an activity
azhetaa vai s/he goes back, returns
aabijitaa vai s/he continues, works constantly
aagawitaa s/he ducks behind something
bagijitaa vai s/he lets loose, releases; s/he loosens up
banaskwiiwagitaa vai s/he stretches h/ muscles, exercises
bejitaa vai s/he goes slow doing something, works slow
bikwaakwadotaa vai s/he rolls h/ self into a ball
biskijiitaa vai s/he bends, folds, flexes h/ body
biindoonetaa vai s/he ducks down into the canoe or boat
dazhitaa vai
  1. s/he takes time, spends time, stays in a certain place
  2. s/he works, plays (in a certain place)
dazhwaabiigitaa vai s/he, it (animate; string-like) straightens out
dazhwegitaa vai it (animate) spreads itself out
gibichitaa vai s/he stops doing what s/he is doing, quits a task without completing it
giichigotaa vai s/he works free, wiggles h/ way out
giimoojitaa vai s/he does something secretly
giizhiitaa vai s/he finishes, gets done
gwanabitaa vai s/he turns over
gwekitaa vai s/he turns (h/ body); s/he changes h/ way of doing something or h/ belief
ikotaa vai s/he moves aside, gets out of the way
ishkwaataa vai s/he is at the end of an activity; s/he stops an activity, stops working, quits working, quits a job
madwetaa vai s/he is heard in an activity
maajitaa vai s/he starts doing something, sets to work
nagaataa vai s/he stops moving
nawetaa vai it (animate) bends over
nishkitaa vai s/he angers people; s/he makes people mad
niibaataa vai s/he works into the night
noogitaa vai s/he stops herself/himself, holds herself/himself back
ojaanimitaa vai s/he is busy (in some work or activity)
ondamitaa vai s/he is kept busy in an activity
waawiyeyaabiigitaa vai s/he, it (animate) coils up like a snake
wewiibitaa vai s/he hurries (in some work or activity)
zhagashkitaa vai s/he crouches down, ducks down, stoops
zhiibiigitaa vai s/he stretches (h/ body)