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/-t/ final

cause it to be or to act; make it
agajitoon vti2 be ashamed of it
agaasadetoon vti2 make it narrow
agaasaatoon vti2 make it small
agaasitoon vti2 make it small
akootoon vti2 make it a certain length, make it so long
akwaakotoon vti2 make it (stick-like, wood) a certain length, make it (stick-like, wood) so long
akwegitoon vti2 make it (sheet-like) a certain length
angotoon vti2 reduce it to nothing
aabajitoon vti2 use it
aabiinjitoon vti2 abuse, damage, injure it; overdo an action on it
aanikootoon vti2 add something onto it to make it bigger or longer
aanimitoon vti2 abuse, damage, injure it
aanjitoon vti2 change it, make it over
aazhawibizotoon vti2 [BL] drive it across
babaamibizotoon vti2 [BL] drive it about
bamitoon vti2 take care of, protect, keep it
banaajitoon vti2 spoil, ruin, destroy it
baapitoon vti2 laugh at it
bikwaagonebizotoon vti2 drive it making a snow pile
bimibizotoon vti2 drive it along
biinitoon vti2 clean it
boonitoon vti2 leave it alone; quit it
boozitoon vti2 load it on (as cargo on a vehicle or boat); upload it (on a computer)
bwaanawitoon vti2 be unable to do or manage it
dabazitoon vti2 dodge it, duck from it; get out of the way of it
dadaakwegitoon vti2 make them (inanimate; sheet-like) short
dakwaatoon vti2 make it short; shorten it
dakwegitoon vti2 make it (sheet-like) short
gabaatoon vti2 take it off a boat
gagaanwegitoon vti2 make them (inanimate; sheet-like) long
gagiibaajitoon vti2 do it foolishly, do it (something foolish)
gagwaadagitoon vti2 abuse, damage, injure it
gagwejitoon vti2 try, test it
gakakitoon vti2 make it square
gashkitoon vti2 be able to do, succeed at, manage it
gikinawaajitoon vti2 mark it
ginwaatoon vti2 make it long
ginwegitoon vti2 make it (sheet-like) long
gipagitoon vti2 make it thick, thicken it
giimoojitoon vti2 do something to, make it secretly
giiwebizonitoon vti2 [N] drive it home
giiwebizotoon vti2 drive it back, drive it home
giizhitoon vti2 finish, finish making it
giizhootoon vti2 warm it
gojitoon vti2 try it out
gopibizotoon vti2 drive it inland, into the woods, into the bush
gwayakotoon vti2
  1. make it straight
  2. make it right
inamotoon vti2 make it (a road or trail) going to a certain place
inigaatoon vti2 abuse, damage, injure it; be mean to it
inigokotoon vti2 make it a certain size
inigokwadetoon vti2 make it a certain width
ishpaatoon vti2 make it high
izhitoon vti2 cause it to be a certain way, make it a certain way
madwewetoon vti2 make it sound, play it
makadewitoon vti2 make it black
manaajitoon vti2 spare, respect, go easy on it
mangadetoon vti2 make it wide, widen it
mangitoon vti2 make it big, enlarge it
mashkawaagamitoon vti2 make it (a liquid) strong
mashkawitoon vti2 make it strong
mazinitoon vti make a representation or image of it; decorate it
maajitoon vti2 start making it
maajiishkaatoon vti2 start it
maamakaajitoon vti2 do something amazing or strange to it
maamawitoon vti2 put them (inanimate) together, gather and put them (inanimate) together; make it together
maanaagamitoon vti2 make it (a liquid) poorly
maawanjitoon vti2 collect it
michaatoon vti2 make it big, enlarge it
minotoon vti2 make it nice, build it well
minwaagamitoon vti2 make it (a liquid) good
miziwetoon vti2 make it of a whole piece
moozhitoon vti2 feel it in or on h/ body
nabagitoon vti2 make it flat
nagajitoon vti2 be familiar with, accustomed to, used to it; know how to make or handle it
nagaashkaatoon vti2 make it stop
nanaa'itoon vti2 fix, repair it
naagotoon vti2 make it show; reveal it
naanaagajitoon vti2 pay close attention to it: guard, take care of, preserve, respect, study, analyze it
naangitoon vti2 make it light (in weight)
naazibiibizotoon vti2 [BL] drive it down to the water
nishiwanaajitoon vti2 [RL] spoil, ruin, destroy it
nitaawitoon vti2 know how to make, work on, operate it
niibawitoon vti2 make it stand up
niigitoon vti2 make it grow, make it increase in number; make it increase in number
niimitoon vti2 make it dance; dance with it
noogishkaatoon vti2 stop it moving, make it stop moving
noojitoon vti2 seek, go after, hunt it
ojaanimitoon vti2 be eager to do it
onizhishitoon vti2 make it nice, pretty, beautiful
onzaamaapitoon vti2 laugh hard at it
onzaamitoon vti2 make too much of it
ozhitoon vti2 make, build, form it
ozhiitaatoon vti2 get it ready; prepare it
wanaajitoon vti2 [BL] spoil, ruin, destroy it
wanitoon vti2 lose, miss it
wawezhitoon vti2 decorate it
wawiingetoon vti2 make it skilfully
waabishkitoon vti2 make it white
waanajitoon vti be rich in it; have a lot of it
waasikotoon vti2 make it shiny
waawiyetoon vti2 make it round
wenipazhitoon vti2 get it easily, have an easy time with it
wenjitoon vti2 make it easily, have an easy time with it
wewiibitoon vti hurry it; hurry making it
wiikongetoon vti2 feast it, make a feast for it
wiinisagitoon vti2 make it (floor) dirty
wiinitoon vti2 make it dirty
wiishkobitoon vti2 sweeten it
wiiyagitoon vti2 do something regrettable to it; waste, spoil it
zazegaatoon vti2 make it beautiful; make it nice, build it well
zhaagawitoon vti2 make it oblong or oval
zaagitoon vti2 love, treasure it
zaagizitoon vti2 take it out
zhaagoojitoon vti2 defeat, beat, overcome it
zhaagwaagamitoon vti2 make it (a liquid) weak
zegitoon vti2 scare, frighten it
zhiiwitoon vti2 make it sour
zoongitoon vti2 make it strong; make it solid