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/-t/ final

hear it
andotam vai2 s/he listens for something
aagonwetam vai2 s/he denies, contradicts
aagonwetan vti deny, contradict, don't believe it
bagakitam vai2 s/he has acute hearing
banitan vti mishear it
beshotan vti be in close hearing of it, hear it coming closer
bishkotan vti miss hearing it, miss understanding what is heard
boonitan vti quit listening to it
danitan vti hear it in a certain place
debitan vti be able to hear it, hear it at a distance, catch the sound of it
debwetam vai2 s/he believes, agrees (with what is heard)
debwetan vti believe it
gagiibaazitan vti listen to it and perceive it to be foolish
giimitam vai2 s/he eavesdrops
goshkotam vai2 s/he is surprised by what s/he hears
gwayakotam vai2 s/he hears the right thing, finds out the truth
initam vai2 s/he hears a certain sounds, understands something heard
initan vti hear, understand it a certain way
jiikitan vti enjoy the sound of, be pleased to listen to it
maanitam vai2 s/he doesn't hear right, mishears, misunderstands
maanitan vti it sounds bad to h/, doesn't sound right to h/
minotam vai2 s/he likes hearing something, likes the sound
minotan vti like hearing it, like how it sounds
nagazitan vti be used to hearing it
nakwetam vai2 s/he answers
nanaapaazitam vai2 s/he does the opposite of what is told, acts contrary to instructions
nandotam vai2 s/he listens for something
nandotan vti listen for it
naawitan vti hear it faintly in the distance
naazitan vti go to where sound of it is
nisidotam vai2 s/he understands (by hearing)
nisidotan vti understand it, recognize, identify it (by hearing)
ondamitam vai2 s/he is busy listening
wanitam vai2 s/he misunderstands something heard
zegitan vti hear it (something scary)
zhigajitan vti be tired of hearing it
zhigazitan vti be tired of hearing it
zhiingitam vai2 s/he doesn't like listening, doesn't like something h/ hears
zhiingitan vti dislike, hate listening to or hearing it