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/-ishkoozo/ final

s/he is weighted down, is under pressure, is shot
asabishkoozo vai s/he is shot full of holes
bakishkoozo vai s/he (string) breaks, snaps (from weight or pressure)
baasindibeshkoozo vta h/ head is cracked (by weight, pressure, or shooting)
maakishkoozo vai s/he is wounded; it (animate) is marred, is nicked, is dented
minjimishkoozo vai s/he is pinned down, held in place (with weight)
miikoshkoozo vai s/he is shot, hit right on by a projectile (arrow, bullet)
nabogaadeshkoozo vai s/he is caught with h/ legs doubled up
naboninjiishkoozo vai [BG] [BL] s/he is caught with hands or forepaws doubled up
nabozideshkoozo vai s/he is caught with feet or hindpaws doubled up
waagishkoozo vai it (animate) bends (under weight or pressure)
zagigweshkoozo vai it (animate) is trapped by the neck
zaginikeshkoozo vai s/he is trapped by the forepaw
zhawabaagishkoozo vai it (animate) bends over from the weight of something
zhawabishkoozo vai it (animate) bends over (from weight)
zhishigoshkoozo vai s/he is crushed by weight