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/-shkaw/ final

act on h/ or it (animate) by foot or body; wear it (animate)
agawaateshkaw vta shade h/; cast a shadow on h/
agozideshkaw vta step on h/ foot or paw
andoojiishkaw vta [N] feel for h/ (with foot or body)
angoshkaw vta wear h/ out with foot or body (e.g., pants)
apishkaw vta lie or sit on top of h/ or it (animate), cover h/ or it (animate) (with body); stand on top of h/ or it (animate) as a pad or cushion
azheshkaw vta push h/ back (with foot or body)
aanikeshkaw vta stand next to or in place of h/, follow in h/ steps, suceed h/
badagoshkaw vta cover h/ with body, lie protectively on h/
bagoshkaw vta wear a hole in h/ (with foot or body)
bakishkaw vta snap h/ (something string-like) off (with foot or body)
basidiyeshkaw vta kick h/ in the rear
baazhijishkaw vta go over h/
bishigoshkaw vta miss h/ with foot or body
bitaakoshkaw vta bump into h/ accidentally; collide with h/
biigoshkaw vta break, damage h/ with body or feet
biitooshkaw vta wear an inside layer of it (animate)
bookoshkaw vta break h/ in two (by foot or body)
dabinooshkaw vta shelter h/ from the wind with the body
dangishkaw vta kick h/
dawishkaw vta make room for h/ (with body)
dazhwegishkaw vta spread h/ out flat (with foot or body)
daadoshkaw vta rip, split h/ open with foot or body
daangaawiganeshkaw vta touch h/ on the back with foot or body
debishkaw vta fit h/ (with foot or body)
diitibishkaw vta bump h/ down off something, knock h/ down off something (with foot or body)
dookishkaw vta poke, nudge, tap h/ (with foot or body)
geshawishkaw vta fit h/ loosely
gibishkaw vta obstruct, block h/ with foot or body
gigishkaw vta
  1. have h/, it (animate) on (the body); wear it (animate)
  2. be pregnant with h/
giiwitaashkaw vta walk around h/
giizhooshkaw vta warm h/ (with foot or body)
gwekishkaw vta wear it (animate) turned around
madweshkaw vta step on or bump h/ or it (animate) making noise
maagoshkaw vta press, squeeze h/ (with foot or body)
mikoojiishkaw vta find, discover h/ feeling around with the foot or body
minjimishkaw vta hold h/ in place (with foot or body), steady h/ (with foot or body)
miinoshkaw vta straighten h/ (with foot or body)
nabagishkaw vta flatten h/ (with foot or body)
nakweshkaw vta meet h/
nanaandoojiishkaw vta feel around for h/ or it (animate) (with foot or body)
nandoojiishkaw vta [S] feel for h/ (with foot or body)
naabishkaw vta take h/ place; substitute for h/; cover for h/ (by taking h/ place)
naanigishkaw vta rip it (animate) by wearing it
nookishkaw vta soften h/ with body weight or feet
noonishkaw vta don't fit h/ (with foot or body)
wayekwaashkaw vta [S] go, come to the end of h/
waagishkaw vta bend h/ (with foot or body)
wiijigamigishkaw vta be a neighbor to h/
wiimaashkaw vta [BL] go around, detour arounds, skirt h/
wiinishkaw vta get it (animate) dirty by wearing it, get h/ dirty with foot or body
wiisagishkaw vta hurt h/ (by bumping or kicking)
zasweshkaw vta scatter h/ (with foot or body)
zaamishkaw vta [BL] touch h/ or it (animate) (with body or foot)
zinigoshkaw vta rub h/ (with foot or body)
zhishigoshkaw vta crush h/ (by foot or body)
zhiibaashkaw vta pass over or step over h/ or it (animate)
zhiibiigishkaw vta stretch it (animate) on foot or body