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/-shkaa/ final

s/he or it (animate) moves, goes, has happen to h/ or it
animishkaa vai s/he goes away in a canoe, paddles away
azheshkaa vai s/he goes back, returns
aabishkaa vai s/he comes undone, comes unravelled
aazhawishkaa vai s/he crosses, walks across, goes across
aazhooshkaa vai s/he goes across, crosses
babaamishkaa vai s/he paddles about, goes about in a boat
bagamishkaa vai s/he arrives paddling, arrives by boat
bagoshkaa vai it (animate) has a hole, gets a hole in it
bagwegishkaa vai it (animate; sheet-like) has a hole, gets a hole (in it)
bapashkwadoweshkaa vai it (animate) looses fur here and there
baapagishkaa vai s/he trembles, shakes
bimishkaa vai s/he paddles along, goes along by boat
bishagishkaa vai s/he peels, peels off
biidaasamishkaa vai s/he paddles here; s/he comes in a boat
biigojiishkaa vai s/he bursts open
biigoshkaa vai
  1. s/he breaks, is broken
  2. s/he is broke (out of money)
biindigeshkaa vai s/he moves inside, enters slowly
bookoshkaa vai s/he breaks in two, is broken in two
bwaawishkaa vai s/he hardly moves, won't budge
dazhwegishkaa vai s/he spreads out flat, opens up flat
daashkaabikishkaa vai s/he (rock or metal) splits
daashkigishkaa vai s/he (something of wood) splits
dibishkaa vai [S] s/he has a birthday
gabeshkaa vai s/he goes, comes to the end
gibishkaa vai s/he, it (animate) gets plugged, dammed, obstructed, blocked
gichiwishkaa vai sh/e, it (animate) gets stuck
giiwitaashkaa vai s/he goes around in a circle
gwanabishkaa vai s/he capsizes, tips over
gwayakoshkaa vai
  1. s/he goes straight
  2. s/he goes the right way
mamaajide'eshkaa vai s/he has heart palpitations, has a heart attack
mamaanjigoshkaa vai s/he is immobilized, freezes in h/ tracks
maajiishkaa vai s/he or it (animate) starts to move
maakishkaa vai s/he limps
nabagishkaa vai s/he or it (animate) flattens, goes flat
nagaashkaa vai s/he stops moving, halts
niminaaweshkaa vai s/he goes out into the lake or an open area
niibaashkaa vai s/he goes out at night, travels at night
noogishkaa vai s/he comes to a stop, stops moving, stops and stays
nookijiishkaa vai it (animate; something bag-like, belly-like) softens, gets soft
odaapishkaa vai it (animate; sheet-like) shrinks, shrivels up
ojaanimishkaa vai s/he is in a hurry going somewhere
ombijiishkaa vai s/he is bloated
ombishkaa vai s/he or it (animate) rises, ascends, goes upwards
ondamishkaa vai s/he goes and does something, gets involved in something
onishkaa vai s/he gets up (from a prone position)
oziigishkaa vai it (animate) wrinkles up
wayekwaashkaa vai [S] s/he goes, comes to the end
wewiibishkaa vai s/he hurries
wiikoshkaa vai s/he or it (animate) is drawn toward, moves in by h/ self or itself
wiimaashkaa vai s/he goes around something; detours around, skirts something
ziigaagamishkaa vai s/he gets in and makes the water spill over