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/-shim/ final

cause h/ to fall or lie (drop, lay, set, put); impact h/ (hit, hit against, hit with something)
agwaashim vta take h/ ashore, take h/ off a boat or vehicle, unload it (animate) off something; take it (animate) off the fire
ajijishim vta put h/ face down, put h/upside down
anibeshim vta put h/ at a slant
animikoshim vta lay h/ or it (animate) face down
apishim vta pad, cushion h/
apiichishim vta lay, pile, stack it (animate) so thick, so deep, to such a height
asigishim vta put h/ together, assemble h/
ashidaakoshim vta put h/ against the wall (or something wood- or stick-like)
azheshim vta set h/ back, put h/ back
aaboojishim vta put h/ wrong side out
aanikooshim vta lay h/ joining something else
aanjishim vta put h/ in another place; reset h/
aasamaateshim vta put, lay h/ in the sun
aasamishim vta lean or stand h/ against or facing something
aaswaakoshim vta lean h/ against something (as something stick-like)
aatwaakoshim vta lean h/ against (as something stick- or wood-like)
aazhawaakoshim vta lay h/ across (as something stick- or wood-like)
aazhaweweshim vta record (the sound of) h/
aazhawishim vta lay h/ across
aazhigijishim vta lay h/ over backwards; lay h/ face up
badakaakoshim vta stick h/ in wood
badakishim vta stick, set h/ in something; plant h/ in the ground
bagoshim vta make a hole in h/ or it (animate) (by dropping or hitting)
bakijishim vta put h/ over across the top of something
bakweshim vta chip h/
bangishim vta drop h/
baakishim vta leave h/ uncovered
baasishim vta crack, shatter h/ (by dropping or hitting against)
baashkijiishim vta burst h/ (something bag-like) by dropping or hitting against
baashkishim vta hit or drop h/ and burst h/
bigishkishim vta break it (animate) up against something
bimaakoshim vta put h/ along (as something stick- or wood-like)
bimidaakoshim vta lay h/ crosswise (as something stick-like)
bimijisidoon vti2 put it crosswise
bishagishim vta scrape, skin h/ on something
bishigoshim vta miss putting h/ in the right place
biidaasamishim vta lay h/ facing this way
biigoshim vta break h/ (by dropping); smash h/
biinjishim vta lay or put put h/ or it (animate) in something
biitooshim vta put h/ in between as a layer
biiwishim vta scatter, disperse h/
dakaagoneshim vta cool it (animate) in the snow or with snow
dakishim vta set it (animate) to cool
dawishim vta put h/ somewhere to make space, put h/ out of the way
dazhwegishim vta spread it (animate; sheet-like) out
daangishim vta put h/ touching
daashkishim vta drop and split h/
gashkiigishim vta wrap h/ up; cover h/ with cloth
gaajishim vta put h/ somewhere hidden
geshawishim vta put h/ so h/ is loose
gibishim vta put h/ in to block the way, put h/ in to plug something
gipagishim vta lay h/ on thick
giziishim vta wipe it (animate) against something
giiwitaashim vta lay h/ down around
giizhooshim vta cover h/ up warmly
gwayakoshim vta [BL] lay, put h/ or it (animate) in the correct place or order; lay, put h/ or it (animate) straight
gwayakwaakoshim vta set, lay h/ (something stick-like) straight
gwaashkweshim vta bounce h/; drop h/ and have h/ rebound
gwekishim vta put h/ so s/he is turned, put it (animate) so it is turned
ikoshim vta put h/ out of the way, remove h/
inaakoshim vta put it (animate; stick-like) a certain way
inaasamishim vta put h/ facing a certain way
inweweshim vta drop and make h/ sound a certain way
ishkweshim vta put h/ at the end, in last place
ishpaakoshim vta pile h/ (stick-like) up high
ishpishim vta pile h/ high
izhishim vta put, lay, set h/ a certain way
jekaagoneshim vta stick it (animate) into the snow
jekishim vta put h/ partway up on or into something
madweshim vta make it (animate) sound by dropping or hitting it, ring it (animate)
mayaawishim vta put or set h/ or it (animate) upright, put or set h/ or it (animate) straight up
maamawishim vta put them (animate) together, gather and put them (animate) together
maawandooshim vta put them (animate) together, gather and put them (animate) together
meshkojishim vta change one for other of it (animate), replace it (animate)
minoshim vta put h/ in the right position
miinoshim vta set h/ straight; straighten h/
na'aabikishim vta
na'ishim vta put h/ in order; adjust h/; stash h/
namadaakoshim vta set it (animate: stick-like) upright, right side up
namajishim vta set h/ or it (animate) upright
naabishim vta replace it (animate) put it (animate) back (in the same place), clip it (animate) on
ningishim vta let it (animate) thaw or melt
nisawishim vta put h/ in the middle
niigaanishim vta set h/ in front
niigoshim vta break h/ (by dropping); smash h/
okoshim vta pile, stack h/
okwaakoshim vta stack h/ (as something stick- or wood-like)
ombiigweweshim vta make a racket with h/
onaabikishim vta set h/ (rock or metal) in place; set h/ (a clock)
ondaabiigishim vta lay it (animate; string-like) running from a certain place
opimeshim vta lay h/ on h/ side
ozhishim vta put h/ in place, arrange h/, set h/ up
wanishim vta
waawiyeshim vta put h/ in a circle
wiinishim vta put h/ in a dirty place
zagakishim vta put h/ in order; put h/ away
zaagaabiigishim vta put it (animate; string-like) sticking out, protruding
zaagaakoshim vta put h/ (something stick- or wood-like) so h/ sticks out
zaagishim vta put, set h/ sticking out
zhegoshim vta put h/ in a tight place
zhegwaakoshim vta stick it (animate) in a crack in the wood
zheyaaboweshim vta leave the lid open on h/ (something holding a liquid such as a kettle)
zhinawishim vta rattle, jingle, ring it (animate) (by dropping or hitting)
zhingadeshim vta lay h/ spread out
zhingaateshim vta spread it (animate) out in the sun
zhingishim vta lay h/ spread out
zhiibaayaabiigishim vta put, lay it (animate; string-like) going through underneath
ziinjishim vta put h/ in a tight place; wedge h/ in a tight place