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/-se/ final

it flies, falls, happens quickly or spontaneously
may suggest spontaneous events not under control 
agawaatese vii it casts a shadow flying
animikose vii it turns face down, flies face down
animise vii it flies away
apagajise vii it falls against something
ashawese vii it tilts over, flips
azhese vii it slides, slips back, flies backwards
aabaabiigise vii it unravels (as something string-like)
aabise vii it comes undone, comes untied, unravels
aabiskose vii it comes undone, comes untied, unravels
aabitawise vii it is Wednesday
aabitoose vii it is Wednesday
aanjise vii it changes
aapijigise vii it goes into wood and sticks
aapijise vii it slips in, goes into something and not reappear
aatawese vii it goes out by itself, goes out suddenly (of lights, fire)
aazhawise vii it flies across
aazhigijise vii it turns face up, falls face up
babaamise vii it flies about
babiikwaadigose vii there are riffles (ruffles) in the flowing water
badakaakose vii it sticks in wood
badakise vii it falls on or hits something and sticks into it
bagakaatese vii it flashes brightly
bagamise vii it arrives flying
bagaskise vii it falls and lands with a splat
bakijise vii it slips over the top, goes over the top of something by itself
bakise vii it (string-like) snaps, parts
bakobiise vii it falls, flies into the water
bakwajise vii it comes out or off of something
bakwebiigamise vii it becomes turbid, roiled, or muddy (water)
bakwebiigamise vii it (water) suddenly becomes dirty, turbid, roiled
bakwenese vii it emits a quick puff of smoke
baakaakose vii it flies open (as something stick- or wood-liken e.g., a door)
baakise vii it comes open, comes uncovered, flies open
baasise vii it shatters, cracks
baashkijiise vii it (something bag-like) bursts
baashkinese vii there is a sudden flury of dust or ashes in the air
baataase vii it gets stuck
bigishkise vii it goes to pieces, breaks down
bimise vii it flies along
biskise vii it folds over (by itself)
bishagise vii it peels, peels off
biigojiise vii it ruptures; it tears open
biigose vii it goes to pieces, breaks down
biijise vii it flies here
biindigese vii it rushes, flies, falls inside
biinjise vii it flies, falls in
biiwise vii it scatters, disperses
boodaakwese vii it slips, falls in the kettle
dakise vii it cools
daadose vii it rips apart, splits apart and open
daashkakamigise vii it (the ground) splits open suddenly
daashkaabikise vii it (rock or metal) splits suddenly
debise vii it is enough, is sufficient
diba'igese vii it pays off, pays for itself
ditibise vii it rolls, goes around
gawaakose vii it falls over (as something stick- or wood-like)
gawise vii it falls over
geshawise vai s/he suddenly comes loose
geshawise vii
gibichise vii it stops suddenly
gidiskaabiigise vii it (something string-like) comes free, is disconnected
gidiskise vii it comes apart, comes off
ginibise vii it goes fast, runs out fast
gizhibaabise vii it spins, whirls, revolves (by itself)
gizhiise vii it flies fast
gizhiiyaadigose vii the rapids are flowing fast
giiwitaase vii it flies around in a circle
gwanabise vii it tips, capsize
gwekise vii it turns suddenly or without warning
inaakwese vii it (stick-like) falls a certain way
inaatese vii it is a certain kind of movie or television show
iskatese vii
ishkwaase vii it comes to an end
ishpise vii it flies high
izhise vii
  1. it flies to a certain place
  2. it passes (as time)
jaagise vii it runs out; it becomes exhausted
madweyaabikise vii it (something mineral or metal) clinks, clangs, rattles, rings
mamaajise vii it moves
mamaangaadigose vii the riffles/ruffles of the current are big
mazinaatese vii it is a movie
maajise vii it begins, starts, moves off
migoshkaajise vii it doesn't run right, has problems
mimigose vii it suddenly shakes, vibrates
minose vii it goes well
minwaatese vii it flashes nicely; it is a good movie
mizhakiise vii it hits or touches the bottom, hits the ground
mooshkinebiise vii it fills up (with liquid)
mooshkinebiise vii it fills up (with liquid)
nabagise vii it goes flat suddenly
nasaabikise vii it fires accidentally, triggers, goes off by itself
naabise vii it falls back into place
noogise vii it suddenly comes to a stop
noondese vii it runs short
ojijise vii it comes (as time); it passes (as time)
onjise vii it flies from a certain place
ozhaashise vii it slips, slides (by itself)
ozhaawashkwaatese vii it flashes with a blue or green light
ozaawaatese vii it flashes yellow
wayekwaase vii it comes to an end
waasese vii there is a flash of lightning
waawaasikose vii it glitters in motion
wenipazhise vii it goes easily, happens easily; it fall into place easily
wewebise vii it swings back and forth, flutters, flaps, sways
wiikose vii it pulls, tugs, jerks
zhaabose vii it goes through, passes through
zaagibiise vii it pops up out of the water
zaagijise vii it flies, falls, rushes out
zheyaakose vii it slides open
zhinawaabikise vii it jingles, rattles
zhinawise vai s/he rattles
ziigaawangise vii it (powder) spills out
ziigibiise vii it overflows; it (a container) spills, spills out
ziigise vii it pours out, spills out