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/-owe/ final

s/he uses h/ voice
apiitowe vai s/he has a voice of a certain intensity, has so loud a voice
bagakowe vai s/he has a clear voice, speaks clealy
bedowe vai s/he has a soft voice
bidikowe vai s/he has a deep voice
biidowe vai h/ voice can be heard coming (some distance) = you can hear h/ voice coming (some distance)
dadaatabowe vai s/he speaks or sings quickly
gidaatabowe vai [BL] s/he talks quickly making h/ self hard to understand
giishkowe vai s/he stops crying; s/he stops making vocal noise
maanowe vai s/he is hoarse, has a bad voice
minowe vai s/he has a good voice, speaks well
naningowe vai h/ voice wavers; s/he whimpers
naabowe vai s/he repeats what is said
zhaabowe vai s/he sings an accompaniment (of women)