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/-oond/ final

carry it on back
agwaayoondan vti carry, take it ashore on the back
animoondan vti carry it away on the back
aawadoondan vti haul it on the back
babaamoondan vti carry it about on h/ back
bagamoondan vti arrive carrying it on back
bagidoondan vti set it down off h/ back
banoondan vti have it drop off the back
bimoondan vti carry it along on one's back
biidoondan vti bring it on back
bwaawoondan vti have trouble carrying it on the back; be unable to carry it on the back
gashkoondan vti be able to carry or lift it on the back
inoondan vti carry it to a certain place on h/ back
maadoondan vti carry it off on h/ back
mitoondan vti haul it right on the back
naadoondan vti go to get it on the back
omboondan vti lift it on h/ back
ondoondan vti carry it on back from a certain place
zaagidoondan vti carry it out on the back