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/-oom/ final

carry h/ on back
agwaayoom vta carry, take h/ shore on the back
animoom vta carry h/ away on the back
aawadoom vta haul h/ on the back
babaamoom vta carry h/ about on h/ back
bagamoom vta arrive carrying h/ on back
bagidoom vta set h/ down off one's back
banoom vta have h/ drop off the back
bimoom vta carry h/ along on one's back
biidoom vta bring h/ on back
biindigeyoom vta carry h/ inside on the back
bwaawoom vta have trouble carrying h/ on the back; be unable to carry h/ on the back
gashkoom vta be able to carry or lift h/ on the back
giiweyoom vta carry h/ home on back
inoom vta carry h/ to a certain place on h/ back
maadoom vta carry h/ off on h/ back
mitoom vta haul h/ right on the back
naadoom vta go get h/ on the back
omboom vta lift h/, it (animate) on h/ back
ondoom vta carry h/ on back from a certain place
zaagidoom vta carry h/ out on the back