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/ondam-/ initial

ondamakamigizi vai s/he is busy with an activity
ondamanokii vai s/he is busy working
ondamanoozo vai s/he is occupied smoking tobacco
ondamataage vai s/he is busy gambling or playing cards
ondamaajimo vai s/he is busy telling a story or the news
ondamaakizige vai s/he is busy with drinking
ondamaanagidoone vai [N] s/he is busy talking
ondamaawaso vai s/he is tied up with children
ondamaazakonenjige vai s/he is busy shining game
ondamendam vai2 s/he is preoccupied, is worried
ondamendan vti be preoccupied with, worry about it
ondamendi vai s/he is busy, engaged elsewhere
ondamenim vta be preoccupied with, worry about h/
ondami- pv lex be busy at
ondamibii vai s/he is busy drinking
ondami' vta hinder h/; get in h/'s way; keep h/ busy or occupied
ondamim vta keep h/ busy with speech
ondamingwaami vai [RL] s/he is fast asleep
ondamingwaamo vai [BL] s/he is fast asleep
ondamishkan vti be busy with it, occupy it
ondamishkaa vai s/he goes and does something, gets involved in something
ondamitam vai2 s/he is busy listening
ondamitaa vai s/he is kept busy in an activity
ondamiwidoon vti2 keep it too long, monopolize the use of it
ondamiwizh vta keep h/ too long
ondamizi vai s/he is busy
ondamiikan vti be busy at it, busy working on it
ondamiikaw vta be busy working on h/
ondamoonzhe vai s/he is occupied with, busy with children