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/-om/ final

speak to h/; act on h/ by speech
This final often appears with assibilated initials in which the last d becomes z or the last t becomes s.
agazom vta embarrass h/ by speech
aabiinzom vta denigrate, verbally abuse h/; quarrel with h/
bagwanom vta tell about h/ in h/ absence
bisom vta offend, insult h/ (by speech)
gagaanzom vta persuade, urge, encourage, convince h/
goshkwaawaazom vta say something to h/ that makes h/ still and quiet
gotaazom vta scare h/ by speaking; tell h/ something to scare h/
manaazom vta be reluctant to ask h/ or say something to h/; respect h/ in speech, respect h/ with words
miikinzom vta tease, provoke, irritate h/ by speech
mookom vai make h/ cry by telling or singing something
nishkaazom vta talk to h/ angrily
niiskaazom vta disturb h/ with speech
wiikwazom vta persuade, urge, encourage, convince h/
zhaagoozom vta convince, persuade h/; get the best of h/ in an argument or debate