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/ojaanim-/ initial

ojaanimakamigad vii it is a busy event
ojaanimakamigizi vai s/he is busy or occupied in work or activity
ojaanimanokii vai s/he is busy working
ojaanimaapine vai s/he is very ill
ojaanimendam vai2 s/he is anxious, is impatient, is in a hurry
ojaanimi- pv lex busy; noisy
ojaanimi' vta give h/ a hard time, get after h/, chew h/ out; make h/ hurry, rush h/
ojaanimim vta give h/ a hard time, get after h/ (by speech); hurry h/ (by speech)
ojaanimishkaa vai s/he is in a hurry going somewhere
ojaanimitaa vai s/he is busy (in some work or activity)
ojaanimitoon vti2 be eager to do it
ojaanimizekwe vai s/he cooks in a hurry
ojaanimizi vai s/he is busy
ojaanimwewidam vai2 s/he makes a racket (with h/ voice or call)