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/noog-/ initial

come to a stop, slow
noogibagizo vai s/he stops suddenly while dancing
noogibatoo vai s/he stops running
noogibide vii it stops driving, stops speeding
noogibidoon vti2 stop it (with the hands)
noogibizh vta stop h/ or it (animate) (with the hands); flag h/ down
noogibizo vai s/he stops driving, stops speeding, parks
noogibizoni' vta stop h/ (the motor), park h/
noogibizonitoon vti2 park it
noogidaabii'iwe vai s/he stops driving a team of horses
noogigaabawi vai s/he stops and stands in place
noogin vta stop h/, stop h/ with the hand
nooginan vti stop it, stop it with the hand
noogise vai s/he suddenly comes to a stop
noogise vii it suddenly comes to a stop
noogishkaa vai s/he comes to a stop, stops moving, stops and stays
noogishkaa vii it comes to a stop, stops moving
noogitaa vai s/he stops herself/himself, holds herself/himself back
noogiweba'an vti stop it using something
noogiwebishkan vti stop it quickly (with foot or body); kick it to stop it
noogii vai s/he stops doing something, hesitates