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/nishk-/ initial

nishkanokii vai s/he gets angry working, gets mad working
nishkaabam vta glare at, look angrily at h/
nishkaabandan vti glare at, look angrily at it
nishkaabaawazh vta make h/ angry by geting them wet
nishkaabaawe vai s/he is angry because of being wet
nishkaabi vai s/he glares (at someone or something), flashes an angry glance (at someone or something)
nishkaadendam vai2 s/he is an angry person, is always mad
nishkaadenim vta feel mad at, feel angry at h/
nishkaadizi vai s/he is angry, is mad
nishkaajiingweni vai s/he makes an angry face
nishkaajiingwetaw vta make an angry face at h/
nishkaazinaagozi vai s/he looks angry, looks mad
nishkaazom vta talk to h/ angrily
nishkendam vai2 s/he feels angry, feels mad
nishkendan vti feel angry at, feel mad at it
nishkenim vta feel angry at, feel mad at h/
nishkibii vai s/he is angry when drinking
nishki' vta anger h/, make h/ angry or mad
nishkim vta anger h/ by speech, speak and make h/ mad
nishkine vai s/he is angry, is frustrated because of h/ illness
nishkitaa vai s/he angers people; s/he makes people mad
nishkizekwe vai s/he cooks angrily