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/-ninjy-/ medial

hand, finger
This medial is also used as a measuring unit of length equivalent to inch.
body part
abweninjii vai s/he has a sweaty hand
ayekoninjii vai s/he has tired hands
azhashkiiwininjii vai s/he has muddy hands
babaagininjii vai s/he has swollen hands
babiiwininjii vai s/he has tiny hands
banaskoninjiini vai [BL] s/he straightens out h/ hand or paw; s/he opens up h/ hand or paw
baagininjii vai s/he has h/ hand or hands swell up, has a swollen hand or swollen hands
beshininjiishin vai s/he gets or has a cut on h/ hand
biinininjii vai s/he has a clean hand
biinisininjii vai s/he has a numb hand or numb hands
bookoninjii vai s/he breaks h/ hand, has a broken hand
boozininjii vai [BL] h/ hand is greasy, hands are greasy
dadaakoninjii vai s/he has short hands or fingers
dadaakwaakoninjii vai s/he has short hands or fingers
dadewininjii vai
dakininjii vai s/he has cool hand or cool hands
dasoninj qnt num a certain number of inches; so many inches
dazhwaakoninjiini vai s/he puts h/ hand out straight, extends h/ hand out
dewininjii vai s/he has an ache in h/ hand
dipiiwininjii vai h/ hand is wet
gagaanwaakoninjii vai s/he has long hands, has long fingers
gagiipininjii vai s/he has chapped hands
gaagiijininjii vai s/he has a sore hand, has a sore finger
gaasiininjii vai s/he wipes h/ (own) hands
ginagininjii vai [BL] s/he has an itchy hand
ginwaakoninjii vai s/he has a long hand or finger, has long hands or fingers
gizhibininjii vai [BL] s/he is missing a hand, h/ hand is amputated
gizhiibininjii vai h/ hand itches
giziibiigininjii vai s/he washes h/ (own) hands
giziibiigininjiin vta wash h/ hands
giziininjii vai s/he wipes h/ (own) hands; s/he washes (own) h/ hands
giziininjiin vta wipe h/ hand or hands; wash h/ hand or hands
giikimanininjii vai h/ hand is asleep, hands are asleep; h/ hand feels numb, hands feel numb
giipininjii vai s/he has a chapped hand or chapped hands
giizhooninjii vai s/he has a warm hand or warm hands
ingodoninj qnt num one inch
ishwaasoninj qnt num eight inches
izhininjii vai s/he has such a hand or such hands
jiichiibininjiini vai s/he taps h/ fingers
mamaangininjii vai s/he has big hands
mangininjii vai s/he has a big hand or big hands
maakininjii vai h/ hand is injured, is maimed
midaasoninj qnt num ten inches
miniiwininjii vai s/he has an infected hand or finger
miskwiiwininjii vai s/he has a bloody hand
nabaneninjii vai s/he has only one hand
naboninjiishkoozo vai [BG] [BL] s/he is caught with hands or forepaws doubled up
nanibiiwininjii vai s/he has wet hands
naanoninj qnt num five inches
naawininj ni a middle finger
naawininj adv loc in the middle of someone's hand
nibiiwininjii vai s/he has wet hands
niboowininjii vai s/he has a paralyzed hand
ningodoninj qnt num one inch
nishwaasoninj qnt num eight inches
niiwoninj qnt num four inches
niizhoninj qnt num two inches
niizhwaasoninj qnt num seven inches
noomininjii vai s/he applies lotion on h/ (own) hand or hands
ojibinigoninjii vai s/he gets cramps in h/ hand
ojiishininjii vai s/he has a scar on h/ hand
omigininjii vai s/he has a sore or sores, a scab or scabs on h/ hands
omigiiwininjii vai [BL] s/he has a scab or scabs on h/ hand or hands
oziigininjii vai s/he has a wrinkled hand or wrinkled hands
wawiinininjii vai s/he has dirty hands
wiinininjii vai s/he has a dirty hand or dirty hands
wiininoninjii vai s/he has fat fingers
wiisagininjii vai h/ hand hurts or hands hurt
zagininjiin vta shake hands with h/
zhaangasoninj qnt num nine inches
zhegoninjiini vai s/he sticks a hand in a tight place
zhiigoninjii vai s/he has skinny fingers
zoongininjii vai s/he has a strong hand