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/-ninjii-/ medial

/-ninjy-/ + /-e/
body part; post-medial
abininjiizo vai s/he warms h/ (own) hands
badakininjiishin vai h/ hand is stuck by something sharp
bakobiininjiini vai s/he puts h/ hand in the water
banaskoninjiin vta straighten out h/ hand or paw; open up h/ hand or paw
baakininjiibizh vta pull h/ hand open
baakininjiin vta open up h/ hand or paw
baakininjiini vai s/he opens up h/ hand or paw
bikwaakoninjiini vai s/he makes a fist
biskininjiini vai s/he bends h/ fingers or hand over
bitaakoninjiishin vai s/he bumps h/ hand on something
biinjininjiini vai s/he puts h/ hand or finger in
bookoninjiishin vai s/he falls and breaks h/ hand
ezhininjiishin vai s/he leaves a handprint
gaasiininjii'o vai s/he wipes h/ (own) hands
gaasiininjii'wi vta [NI] wipe h/ hands
gidiskininjiibizh vta release h/ grip on something
giikajininjiiwaji vai s/he has cool or cold hands
giishkininjiishin vai s/he cuts h/ hand or finger on something
giishkininjiizh vta cut off h/ hand, finger, or forepaw
giishklishin vai s/he gets cut on something
godigoninjiishin vai s/he falls and sprains h/ hand or finger
ikoninjiini vai s/he moves h/ hand or hands out of the way
ikoninjiiwebin vta shove h/ hand aside
izhininjiini vai s/he moves h/ hand a certain way
mamaajininjiini vai s/he moves h/ hands or fingers
mashkawaakoninjiiwaji vai h/ hand is frozen, h/ fingers are frozen
nameninjiishin vai s/he leaves a hand or finger mark in or on something
oziigininjiiyaabaawe vai h/ hand or finger is wrinkled from being in the water
wiisagininjiishin vai s/he hurts h/ hand or hands on something or by falling
zagininjiibizh vta grab and hold h/ by the hand
zaagininjiini vai s/he sticks h/ hand out
zaamininjiin vta touch h/ on the hand
zhegosagininjiishin vai s/he gets a sliver in h/ hand
zinigoninjiin vta massage h/ hand; rub h/ hand