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/-nike-/ medial

Contains medial -nik- + post-medial -e-.
body part; post-medial
aajinike' vta link arms with h/; hook arms with h/
beshinikeshin vai s/he gets or has a cut on h/ arm
biskinikeni vai s/he bends, flexes h/ arm
bishaginikeshin vai s/he falls and skins h/ arm
bitaakonikeshin vai s/he bumps h/ arm on something
biimiskonikeshin vai s/he falls and twists h/ arm
biinjinikebani'o vai s/he sticks h/ arm in quickly
biinjinikeni vai s/he reaches h/ arm in, sticks h/ arm in
bookonikeshin vai s/he falls and break h/ arm
dazhonikeni vai s/he stretchs out h/ arm or arms
gikinjinikepizo vai s/he wears an armband or bracelet
gizhibaanikebani'o vai [BL] s/he twirls h/ arm or arms fast
gizhibaanikeni vai s/he twirls h/ arm or arms
godigonikeshin vai s/he falls and sprains h/ arm
ikonikeni vai s/he moves h/ arm or arms out of the way
ikonikewebin vta push h/ arm aside
ishpinikeni vai s/he raises h/ arm, raises h/ hand
izhinikeni vai s/he moves h/ arm a certain way
mamaajinikeni vai s/he moves h/ arms
mamaanjigonikepizh vta restrain h/ by tying h/ arms
mamaanjigonikepizo vai s/he is restrained by h/ feet being tied
michinikeshin vai s/he lies with h/ arm or arms uncovered
naabinikebizo vai s/he wears something around h/ arm, wears a bracelet
niizhoonikeni vai s/he uses both arms (or hands)
ombinikeni vai s/he lifts, raises h/ arm
wewebinikeni vai s/he waves h/ arms
wewebiniketaw vta wave h/ arms at h/
wiikonikebizh vta pull h/ by the arm
wiisaginikeshin vai s/he hurts h/ arm or arms on something or by falling
zaginikeba' vta run holding h/ by the arm
zaginikebizh vta grab and hold h/ by the arm
zaginiken vta hold, grab h/ by the arm
zaginikeshkoozo vai s/he is trapped by the forepaw
zhaabonikese vai
  1. s/he has h/ arm go through
  2. an engine throws a rod
zaaginikeshin vai s/he lies with arm out
zhaagoojinikebizh vta win arm wrestling h/
zaamininiken vta [BL] touch h/ on the arm
zeginikeshin vai s/he sprains h/ arm
zhegosaginikeshin vai s/he gets a sliver in h/ arm
zhiibinibiketaw vta shake h/ hand, extend your hand (in greeting) to h/
zhiibinikeni vai s/he extends h/ arm out