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/niizhw-/ initial

niizho- pv qnt two
niizhodaabaan qnt num two cars, carloads
niizhogon qnt num two days
niizhogonagad vii it is two days
niizhogonagizi vai it is the second (of the month); s/he is two days old
niizhogonendi vai s/he is gone two days, is absent two days
niizhonaagaans qnt num two cups, cupfuls
niizhoninj qnt num two inches
niizhosagoons qnt num two thousand
niizhozid qnt num two feet
niizhozigwam adv qnt two blocks of ice
niizhoobiwag vai two of them sit together; two of them are at home
niizhoobizowag vai two of them speed, drive, fly together
niizhoogamaa vii there are twin lakes
niizhoogaabawiwag vai two of them stand together
niizhoogaade vai s/he has two legs; it (animate) has two wheels
niizhookik qnt num two pails, two pailfuls
niizhookwewe vai he has two women, two wives
niizhoonag qnt num two boats or canoes, two boatloads
niizhoonagiziwag vai there are two canoes or boats of them
niizhoonikeni vai s/he uses both arms (or hands)
niizhoopidewan vii two of them (inanimate) are tied together
niizhoopidoon vti2 tie two of them (inanimate) together
niizhoopizowag vai two of them (animate) are tied together, are hitched together
niizhooshinoog vai two of them lie together
niizhooshkimod qnt num two bags
niizhooshkin qnt num two bags
niizhootawage vai s/he has two ears
niizhwaginzo vai [BL] it is the second (of the month)
niizhwaabik qnt num two dollars
niizhwaabiig adv num two strands, two strings
niizhwaak qnt num two hundred
niizhwaatig qnt num two stick-like objects
niizhweg qnt num two pieces of something sheet-like
niizhwewaan qnt num two sets; two pairs