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/niisk-/ initial

disturbed, disordered, troublesome, nasty
niiskabi vai s/he lives in a mess
niiskate vii it is a messy household
niiskaabideni vai s/he bares h/ teeth in a snarl
niiskaabidetaw vta bare teeth to h/
niiskaadad vii it is bad weather
niiskaadendam vai2 s/he doesn't want to do something or go somewhere because of the weather
niiskaajibiisaan vii [BL] it is a nasty rain
niiskaajipon vii it is a nasty, messy snow
niiskaazom vta disturb h/ with speech
niiskigwaneni vai s/he ruffles feathers
niiskikaa vai s/he raises h/ hackles, ruffles h/ hair or fur
niiskinaagozi vai s/he looks messy
niiskindibe vai s/he has messy hair
niiskisin vii it lies in disorder, is messed up
niiskizi vai s/he is messy, is burdened with too much stuff
niiskiingweni vai s/he grimaces, makes a face
niiskiingwetaw vta grimace at, make a face at h/