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/niis-/ initial

niisa'an vti lower it (using something); set it (trap) off, snap it (trap)
niisayi'ii adv loc
  1. down
  2. downstairs
niisaabiigin vta lower h/ on a rope
niisaabiiginan vti lower it on a rope
niisaabiigii vai s/he goes down on a rope or cable
niisaaboodoon vti2 float it down the rapids
niisaaboono vai s/he goes downstream on the rapids or another medium (snow, sand, etc.)
niisaaboozh vta float h/ or it (animate) down the rapids
niisaagone vii it is knocked down lower by the snow
niisaagone'an vti knock the snow down off it
niisaakiiwe vai s/he goes downhill
niisaakiiwebatoo vai s/he runs downhill
niisaakiiwebide vii it speeds, drives, flies, falls downhill
niisaakiiwebin vta throw h/ downhill
niisaakiiwebinan vti throw it downhill
niisaakiiwebizo vai s/he speeds, drives, flies, falls downhill
niisaakiiwedaabii vai s/he drags a load downhill
niisaakiiwekamigaa vii it (the ground) slopes downwards
niisaakiiwemon vii it (road or trail) leads downhill
niisaakiiwenige vai s/he carries something downhill on the shoulders
niisaakiiwenizhikaw vta chase h/ downhill
niisaakiiwewidoon vti2 take, carry it downhill
niisaakiiwewizh vta take, carry h/ downhill
niisaandawe vai s/he climbs down, goes downstairs
niisaasin vii it is blown downwards (by the wind); sails, soars downwards
niisaashi vai s/he is blown downwards (by the wind); sails, soars downwards
niisibide vii it speeds, flies, falls lower
niisibidoon vti2 pull it down, tear it down
niisibizh vta pull h/ down, tear h/ down
niisibizo vai s/he speeds, flies, falls lower
niisigwaashkwani vai s/he jumps down lower
niisijiwan vii it flows downwards
niisin vta lower h/
niisinan vti lower it (by hand); set it (trap) off, snap it (trap)
niisisag adv loc downstairs, on a lower floor
niisiweba'an vti lower it (using something forcefully); set it (trigger on a trap) off, snap it (trigger on a trap)
niisiwebin vta throw, push, shove h/ down
niisiwebinan vti throw, push, shove it down
niisiwebishkan vti [BF] kick it down, force it down with the feet
niisiwebishkaw vta kick h/ down, force h/ down with feet