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/nanaa'-/ initial

fix, repair
nanaa'endam vai2 s/he feels satisfied (with the outcome of some change or correction), feels content
nanaa'endan vti feel satisfied with it
nanaa'enim vta feel satisfied with h/
nanaa'idaabaane vai s/he repairs a car
nanaa'idaabaanike vai s/he fixes cars
nanaa'igwaazh vta fix it (animate) with a stick or something sharp
nanaa'i' vta fix, repair h/; put h/ in place
nanaa'in vta put h/ in order; put h/ away; fix, repair h/
nanaa'inan vti put it in order, put it away; fix it
nanaa'itoon vti2 fix, repair it
nanaa'ii vai s/he is dressed up