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/naanw-/ initial

naanodaabaan qnt num five cars, carloads
naanogon qnt num five days
naanogonagad vii it is five days
naanogonagizi vai it is the fifth (of the month); s/he is five days old
naanogonendi vai s/he is gone five days, is absent five days
naanoninj qnt num five inches
naanoninjigane vai s/he (a fish) has five fins
naanosagoons qnt num five thousand
naanozid qnt num five feet
naanoobiwag vai five of them sit together; five of them are at home
naanoogaabawiwag vai five of them stand together
naanookik adv loc five pails, five pailfuls
naanoonag qnt num five boats or canoes, five boatloads
naanoonagiziwag vai there are five canoes or boats of them
naanoopidewan vii five of them (inanimate) are tied together
naanoopidoon vti2 tie five of them (inanimate) together
naanoopizowag vai five of them (animate) are tied together, are hitched together
naanooshkimod qnt num five bags
naanooshkin qnt num five bags
naanwaginzo vai [BL] it is the fifth (of the month)
naanwaabik qnt num five dollars
naanwaabiig adv num five strands, five strings
naanwaak qnt num five hundred
naanweg qnt num five pieces of something sheet-like
naanweginigan qnt num five packs
naanwewaan qnt num five sets; five pairs