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/-naagan/ final

asemaawinaagan ni a tobacco tray
bagesewinaagan ni dish used in the dish game
bakwezhiganikewinaagan ni a mixing bowl; a bread-mixing bowl
biiwaabikonaagan ni a metal bowl
boozikinaagan ni a bowl
desinaagan ni a dinner plate
gaapizigewinaagan ni [NI] a wild rice parching tray or tub
giziibiiga'igewinaagan ni [BL] a washtub, a washing machine
giziibiigiingwewinaagan ni a wash basin
giziibiiwinaagan ni a washbasin
giziininaaganewinaagan ni [BL] a dishpan; a kitchen sink
giziisaginigewinaagan ni [BL] a mop pail (for scrubbing the floor)
mikwamiiwinaagaans ni a drinking glass
mitigonaagan ni a wooden dish or bowl
miiziiwinaagan ni something to defecate in: a toilet fixture, a potty, a bed pan
naboobiiwinaaganens ni [BL] a soup bowl
nitiiwinaaganens ni [BL] a teacup
nooshkaachinaagan ni a winnowing tray, a winnowing basket
wiigwaasinaagan ni a birch bark dish
wiikongewinaagan ni a spirit dish: an offering of food at the start of a meal
wiimbinaagan ni [BL] a bowl
zikowinaagan ni a spitoon