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/na'-/ initial

correct, adjust, put away
na'abi vai s/he moves to get seated comfortably
na'agoodoon vti2 hang it up; fix, reset, adjust how it hangs
na'agoozh vta hang h/ up; fix, rest, adjust how h/ hangs
na'agwazhe' vta straighten h/ blanket
na'ashkime vai s/he fixes snowshoe webbing
na'aabam vta see h/ clearly, spot h/ right away
na'aabandan vti see it clearly, spot it right away
na'aabi vai s/he has sharp vision, acute eyesight
na'aabikisidoon vti2
na'aabikishim vta
na'aabiiginan vti adjust it (string-like)
na'endam vai2 s/he feels satisfied (with the outcome of some change or correction), feels content
na'enimo vai s/he stores things away
na'igaabawi vai s/he adjusts h/ stance
na'imaam vta be able to smell h/ well
na'imaandan vti be able to smell it well
na'imine vai s/he stores rice or berries
na'in vta bury h/ or it (animate); put away, store h/
na'inan vti put away, store away it
na'inaagwad vii it is easily spotted
na'isidoon vti2 put it in order, put it away; adjust it
na'ishim vta put h/ in order; adjust h/; stash h/
na'itam vai2 s/he hears well
na'itan vti hear it well
na'itaw vta hear h/ well; mind, obey watch s/he says
na'iigisidoon vti fix, adjust it (something sheet-like) on something