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/-N/ final

act on h/ or it (animate)
n , zh
abwaazh vta roast, cook h/ over a fire
achigaazh vta bet, wager h/
adimanikaazh vta put a snowshoe strap on it (animate; snowshoe)
akwaandawaazh vta climb up on, climb on h/ or it (animate)
andookomaazh vta search h/ for lice or ticks
andwaanikaazh vta dig for h/; search for h/ by digging
animinigaazh vta carry h/ away on the shoulder
anokaazh vta work on or at h/
apikaazh vta braid h/; braid h/ hair
asekaazh vta pull and stretch it (animate; a hide) to tan it; tan it (animate: a hide)
asemaakaazh vta offer tobacco to h/
aawajinigaazh vta haul h/ on the shoulder
aazhawinigaazh vta take h/ across on the shoulder
babaamaandawaazh vta climb about on h/
babaaminigaazh vta carry h/ about on the shoulder
bakwadaabaawazh vta take it (animate) off by using water on it
bichiboozh vta poison h/
bimaandawaazh vta climb along on h/
biminigaazh vta carry h/ along on the shoulder
biijinigaazh vta bring, carry h/ here on the shoulder
biindigazh vta bring h/ inside / indoors, take h/ inside / indoors
biindigeba'iwaazh vta run inside to get away from h/
biizikoozh vta dress h/ (with it), put (it) on h/ (to wear)
boodawaazh vta build a fire at h/
boogijizh vta fart on h/; spray h/ as a skunk does
dakaabaawazh vta cool h/ with water
dakokaazh vta step on h/
desabaazh vta sit astride h/; ride mounted on top of h/
gagweda'aakwaazh vta practice shooting it (animate)
gitigaazh vta plant h/
giizhashkimaazh vta finish weaving webbing in h/ (snowshoe)
giizikoozh vta take (something worn) off h/
goda'aakwaazh vta take a pot shot at h/
gopinigaazh vta carry h/, it (animate) on the shoulder inland, into the bush
inapikaazh vta braid h/ hair a certain way; braid it (animate) a certain way
inaadizookaazh vta tell a legend of h/ a certain way
inaapinazh vta injure, wound, kill h/ a certain way
izhinigaazh vta carry h/, it (animate) on the shoulder to a certain place
jiibaakwaazh vta cook it (animate)
jiiga'aazh vta scale h/
madaabiinigaazh vta carry h/ or it (animate) on the shoulder down to the shore, out of the bush
manisaazh vta cut h/ as firewood
mashkikiwaabookaazh vta make a medicinal tea of h/
mashkikiikaazh vta doctor h/, treat h/ medically
maadanokaazh vta start working on h/
maajidaabaazh vta start dragging, pulling h/ or it (animate) as a load
maajiiba'iwaazh vta run away from h/ in fear
migizh vta bark at h/
mikwaanikaazh vta find h/ by digging
minwapikaazh vta braid h/ hair well
moona'aagonaazh vta dig the snow out of it (animate), scoop the snow off or out of it (animate)
nametegokaazh vta make nameteg of h/
nandookomaazh vta [S] search h/ for lice or ticks
naadaandawaazh vta climb after h/
naajidaabaazh vta go after h/ by sled or wagon, go drag h/ in
naajinigaazh vta go to get h/ on the shoulder
naazibiidaabaazh vta drag, pull h/ down to the water
ningwa'abwaazh vta cook h/ under the ashes
nisaabaawazh vta wet h/; drown h/
nookaabaawazh vta soften h/ with water
ojiigaabaawazh vta
onjinigaazh vta carry h/ from a certain place on shoulder
ozhiwanikaazh vta make a pack or bundle of h/
waniikaazh vta forget h/ or it (animate), forget about h/ or it (animate)
waanikaazh vta dig a hole for h/
wiisagaapinazh vta hurt h/; injure h/
zagaswaazh vta smoke h/ (e.g., tobacco)
zhigizh vta urinate on h/
zhishigagowaazh vta vomit, puke on h/
zhooniyaakaazh vta make money off h/