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/miziwe-/ initial

whole, all over
miziwebii'an vti write all over it
miziwebiisaa vii [S] it's raining all over
miziweganzhii vai s/he is hoofed, has a hoof or hooves
miziwe' vta make h/ of a whole piece
miziwekamig adv loc all over the world
miziweminagad vii it (something berry or ball like) is whole, is in one piece
miziweminagizi vai s/he (something berry- or ball-like) is whole, is in one piece
miziweshkaa vii it is everywhere; it goes everywhere; it spreads all over
miziwetoon vti2 make it of a whole piece
miziweyaa vii it is whole, is intact
miziweyaabikizi vai s/he is full (as something mineral; e.g., the moon)
miziweyaanakwad vii it is cloudy all over
miziweyiigad vii it (sheet-like) is whole, is in one piece
miziweyiigizi vai it (animate; sheet-like) is whole, is in one piece
miziwezhaazo vai s/he urinates all over
miziwezi vai s/he is whole, is intact
miziwezigwaa vii it (something in a cake or bar) is whole, is in one piece