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/-minag-/ medial

berrylike; round
Contains medial -min- + postmedial -ag.
classifier; post-medial
agaasiminagad vii it is small (as something ball-like)
agaasiminagizi vai it (animate; ball-like) is small
babiikominagadoon vii they are round (like balls), are globular
babiiwiminagadoon vii they are tiny (as something ball-like)
babiiwiminagiziwag vai they are tiny (as something ball-like)
bikominagad vii it is round like a ball, is globular
bikominagijaane vai s/he has a bulbous nose
bikwaakwadominagad vii it (something small and round) is chubby
biisiminagad vii it (something round) ) is fine, is tiny
biisiminagizi vai s/he (something round) is fine, is tiny
dakojiiminagizi vai s/he is short and stubby, is a runt
dakwaakominagad vii it is short-grained
gagaanominagadoon vii they (inanimate; globular) are long
gijiminagishkan vti thresh it by dancing on it
ginominagad vii it (globular) is long
ginwaakominagad vii it is long-grained
makadewaakominagad vii it is dark-grained
makadewiminagad vii it (globular) is black
makadewiminagizi vai it (animate; globular) is black
mamaangiminagadoon vii they (something globular) are big
mangiminagad vii it (something globular) is big
miskominagad vii it is red (globular)
miskominagizi vai s/he is red (globular)
miziweminagad vii it (something berry or ball like) is whole, is in one piece
miziweminagizi vai s/he (something berry- or ball-like) is whole, is in one piece
nookiminagad vii it (something small and round) is soft
ozhaawashkominagad vii it (something small and round) is blue, is green
ozaawiminagad vii it (globular) is yellow or brown
ozaawiminagizi vai it (animate; ball-like) is yellow or brown
ozhiminagandan vti form it into a ball in the mouth
waawiyeminagad vii it is round (as something ball-like)
waawiyeminagizi vai it (animate; ball-like) is round