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/midaasw-/ initial

midaasogon qnt num ten days
midaasogonagad vii it is ten days
midaasogonagizi vai it is the tenth (of the month); s/he is ten days old
midaasoninj qnt num ten inches
midaasosagoons qnt num ten thousand
midaasozid qnt num ten feet
midaasoobiwag vai ten of them sit together; ten of them are at home
midaasoogaabawiwag vai ten of them stand together
midaasookawewag vai ten of them leave tracks
midaasookik qnt num ten pails, ten pailfuls
midaasoonag qnt num ten boats or canoes, ten boatloads
midaasoopidewan vii ten of them (inanimate) are tied together
midaasoopidoon vti2 tie ten of them (inanimate) together
midaasoopizh vta tie, hitch ten of them (animate) together
midaasoopizowag vai ten of them (animate) are tied together, are hitched together
midaasooshkimod qnt num ten bags
midaasooshkin qnt num ten bags
midaaswaginzo vai [BL] it is the tenth (of the month)
midaaswaabik qnt num ten dollars
midaaswaak qnt num thousand
midaasweg qnt num ten pieces of something sheet-like
midaaswewaan qnt num ten sets; ten pairs
midaaswewaanagadoon vii there are ten sets, pairs, or kinds of them (inanimate)
midaaswi qnt num ten