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/mayag-/ initial

mayaganishinaabe na a Indian of a different or unfamiliar tribe
mayagendam vai2 s/he feels strange, feels out of place
mayagendan vti think it strange
mayagenim vta think h/ strange
mayagigondaagane vai h/ voice sounds strange
mayagikawe vai s/he leaves strange tracks
mayagimaagozi vai s/he smells strange
mayagimaagwad vii it smells strange
mayagimaam vta find s/he smells strange
mayagimaandan vti find it smells strange
mayaginan vti see it as strange or different
mayaginaw vta see h/ as strange or different
mayaginaagozi vai s/he looks strange, looks foreign
mayaginaagwad vii it looks strange, looks foreign
mayagip vta find that it (animate) tastes strange
mayagipidan vti find it tastes strange
mayagipogozi vai s/he tastes strange, tastes unfamiliar
mayagipogwad vii it tastes strange, tastes unfamiliar
mayagitaagozi vai s/he sounds strange, sounds foreign, has an accent
mayagitaagwad vii it sounds strange, sounds foreign
mayagizi vai s/he is strange, is foreign
mayagwe vai s/he speaks a strange way, speaks a foreign language