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/mashkaw-/ initial

hard, strong, tough
mashkawadaawangaa vii there is hard sand, packed sand
mashkawadin vii it freezes, is frozen solid
mashkawaji vai s/he freezes stiff, is frozen stiff, has frostbite
mashkawakamigaa vii it is hard ground
mashkawakidoon vti2 stick it firmly into the ground, stake it securely
mashkawakizh vta stick h/ firmly into the ground
mashkawakizo vai iit (animate) is stuck firmly into the ground
mashkawakwazhiwe vai s/he is a powerful paddler
mashkawanokii vai s/he works hard, does heavy work, labors
mashkawapide vii it is tied tight
mashkawapidoon vti2 tie it tight
mashkawapizh vta tie h/ tight
mashkawapizo vai s/he is tied tight
mashkawaa vii it is strong, is hard, is dense
mashkawaabikad vii it (mineral) is strong
mashkawaabikizi vai it (animate; mineral) is strong
mashkawaabiigad vii it (string-like) is tough, is stiff
mashkawaabiigizi vai s/he is tough, is stiff (string-like)
mashkawaagamide vii it is brewed strong
mashkawaagamin vii it (a liquid) is strong
mashkawaagamitoon vti2 make it (a liquid) strong
mashkawaagonewadin vii there is a hard crust on the snow
mashkawaakadode vii it dries up hard
mashkawaakadozo vai it (animate) dries up hard
mashkawaakoninjiiwaji vai h/ hand is frozen, h/ fingers are frozen
mashkawaakozi vai s/he (stick-like) is strong, is hard, is dense; s/he is hard (o.s.); s/he is dense (o.s.)
mashkawaakwad vii it (stick-like) is strong, is hard, is dense
mashkawaakwadin vii it freezes stiff, is frozen stiff
mashkawaakwa'an vti tighten it down (with something like nails, screws, clamps, etc.)
mashkawaakwaji vai s/he freezes stiff, is frozen stiff, has frostbite
mashkawaakwajidoon vti2 freeze it stiff
mashkawaakwajim vta freeze h/ stiff
mashkawaakwakamigadin vii the ground is frozen solid
mashkawaakwegad vii it (sheet-like) is stiff
mashkawaakwegizi vai it (animate; sheet-like) is stiff
mashkawaakwii vai s/he hangs on tight to something solid
mashkawaanimad vii it is a strong wind
mashkawaate vii it is a strong light
mashkawegad vii it (sheet-like) is strong
mashkawegizi vai it (animate; sheet-like) is strong
mashkawibide vii it runs, drives, operates powerfully
mashkawibizo vai s/he runs, drives, operates powerfully
mashkawigad vii it is strong, hard wood
mashkawigane vai s/he has strong bones
mashkawigaabawi vai s/he stands strong
mashkawigizi vai it (animate; wood) is strong, is hard
mashkawigiizhwe vai s/he says too much, says something s/he shouldn't have
mashkawigwaade vii it is sewn strongly or tightly
mashkawigwaazo vai it (animate) is sewn strongly or tightly
mashkawijiwan vii it is strong current
mashkawijiishkiwagad vii it (something mud-like) is hard
mashkawijiishkiwagizi vai it (animate; mud-like, e.g., dough) is hard
mashkawimaagozi vai s/he smells strong, stinks
mashkawimaagwad vii it smells strong, stinks
mashkawimaaso vai s/he has a strong aroma, smells strong burning or cooking
mashkawimaate vii it has a strong aroma, smells strong burning or cooking
mashkawin vta hold h/ tight, have a firm grip on h/
mashkawinan vti hold it tight, have a firm grip on it
mashkawipogozi vai s/he tastes strong
mashkawipogwad vii it tastes strong
mashkawisin vii it is stuck fast; it firms up, sets; it is expressed in a strong or firm way
mashkawiskawe vai it (animate; fish) has firm meat
mashkawishin vai s/he or it (animate) is stuck fast; it (animate) firms up, sets
mashkawitoon vti2 make it strong
mashkawizi vai s/he is strong, hard, dense
mashkawizigwaa vii it (ice- or cake-like) is hard, is firm