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/-maate/ final

it is heated producing an aroma
aakomaate vii it stinks, smells acrid cooking or burning
biijimaate vii it gives off a smell in cooking or burning
gagwaanisagimaate vii it smells terrible cooking or burning
izhimaate vii it smells a certain way cooking or burning; its aroma goes to a certain place
jiikimaate vii [BL] it smells pleasant cooking or burning
mashkawimaate vii it has a strong aroma, smells strong burning or cooking
maazhimaate vii it has a bad aroma, smells bad burning or cooking
minomaate vii it smells good burning or cooking
nisidomaate vii it is recognized, recognizable by its cooking or burning smell
wiinjiigimaate vii it has a shitty aroma (cooking or burning)
wiisagimaate vii it has a bitter aroma, smells bitter (burning or cooking)
zhaagomaate vii it smells mild (burning or cooking), has a mild aroma